Fun Times at the Baltimore Tattoo Arts Convention ’09

And so here is international playboy John Durante, hanging out at the Baltimore Tattoo Arts Convention at the end of January, and just cold skewering folks all over the place (including the lovely Tracie) as part of a performance involving, among others, Nu Ethix Suspensions. Lots of great photos from this set should be up on BME in the next day or two, but you can get a sneak preview by checking out the page of the lovely Miss Ruth Decay, who sent in the majority of these bad boys.

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34 thoughts on “Fun Times at the Baltimore Tattoo Arts Convention ’09

  1. I was there. It was amazing. What you can’t see is the two flesh hooks in her back. A few minutes after this skewer came out, she was suspended, cavorting wildly, and grinning. Stunning.

    The entire time, a girl sitting next to me kept going, “Holy. Fucking. Shit.”

  2. i loved her zombie suspension the next day. girls were tearing “flesh” off eachother and swinging around. great show.

  3. Man. I thought I recognized him! My friend just went in for a tattoo at Laughing Buddha and we saw him 😀

  4. International Playboy, John Durante. Thats the best stuff Ive heard all day. Its funny cause its TRUE!!

  5. #5 Traccie iam pretty sure are from Evolve Body Jewelry Company and John are a few hundred years old. He told me that they are making Evolve is remaking those too. The Baltimore convention was great I preformed there with the Penguin Boy and got to hang out with John and the Nu Ethix Suspensions crew.

  6. Nevermind – the right one looked circular, but I can see that they are both curved and definitely not shower rings..

  7. This was super hot, and lots of fun!!! The stone helixs are coming out in a few months… Indeed ROACHSTEPPING insued that night!!!!! Haaaa

  8. #29 The weights im wearing are very old artifacts I obtained in Borneo… However I (Evolve) will be offering them as weights in brass coming very soon!!!

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