Don’t Give Yourself Away

And so here we have Nadine from Visavajara in Nürnberg, Germany, posing with Rick Nielsen a friend at an undisclosed location in Europe. Germany? Switzerland? Atlantis? Nobody knows.

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20 thoughts on “Don’t Give Yourself Away

  1. aww they look so confident and proud. and.. frisky. get those fingers out of the shot! at least until the shutter closes. then its all fair game.

  2. Yeah, #4 I agree.
    Nasty blowouts.

    But I just wanna tug on that chin braid!
    -resists urgeeeee-

  3. my lobes kinda look like hers
    not as bad though
    i really do wish there was a way to rid of it

  4. hello boys and girls 🙂 i am the woman on that pic – the blowouts from my ears are gone – the foto is from 2007 – now i have 43 mm in each ear – on my left side is ski – my husband. originally from the us – lives now in germany for over 20 years. he is a great singer – – i put this foto here, because of the ART – i like the “natural” fotos … hope a have a great time and sorry of my englsh – its not perfekt but i dont mind me 🙂 – oder so ähnlich *lol*

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