Vandelay Industries

On a scale of one to 10, this tattoo of the AutoCAD dimensioning toolbar is one hell of a nerdy (and awesome) tattoo. “As you can tell,” says the wearer, “I really love drafting.” We could tell.

(Tattoo by Derek Noble at Lucky Devil in Seattle, Washington.)

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21 thoughts on “Vandelay Industries

  1. super idea, poor execution. i’m dismayed that someone with an interest in something as precise as drafting would end up with a tattoo with such shoddy linework. half the lines have fallen out and are really faded, and the other half are very blown out and wide. :(

  2. faded? I don’t have my glasses on admittedly,but the lines look nice and dark to me…

  3. You totally forgot the Quick Dimension tool! If it were any three Icons I’d get it would be the Extrude, Circular Pattern, Quick Dimension, and Drill Hole. GOD I LOVE AUTODESK!

  4. @5: hmm. i could have sworn so, having an architect and an interior designer in the family…

  5. Just to make this nerdier – #12, #5 is right, there is no Autocad for Mac but you can run Windows on Intel Macs which would make it possible… and #3, I am a Mac girl myself but there are some things that PCs are better for, such as installing a workstation graphics card for Autocad/3D rendering, which you can only get in a Mac Pro, and not everyone wants to spend that amount of cash.

    I think the tattoo looks great. People forget that tattoos are on living flesh, so yeah, there might be some areas that don’t take as well as others, that is just the nature of the medium, and doesn’t make it a shit tattoo. Also photographs don’t always look as good as the real thing. Quit trying to find some reason to put down something that for once is actually really cool and nicely done!

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