The Pinnacle of Success

Umm … good morning, ModBlog. Hope your workday is off to a … good start.

(Tattoo by Donald Richards at North Star Tattoo in Harrogate, UK.)

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19 thoughts on “The Pinnacle of Success

  1. i love it!!
    we did something like this in gender studies ok not the dude hanging himself but the being strong enough ti not have life taken away from u but to take it yourself…. can’t remember who did it but i thought it was pretty cool..

  2. I think this may be in reference to a joke that Bill Maher used to do in his old stand-up comedy routine. I don’t remember how he phrased it, exactly, but it was something to the effect of “suicide is a person’s way of telling God: ‘you can’t fire me, I quit!’”

  3. Wow, Harrogate! I went to school there, live 15 minutes away in Wetherby. To be honest, North Star and Scorpion Tattoo aren’t great, I’d never go there to get tattooed.

  4. awesome tattoo, gutsy too!
    i just hope i doesnt come from a pic of a real suicide….unless the person depicted is a familly member of the wearer.
    now that would be extra awesome!

  5. Trevor is right, I recently put this as my MySpace headline actually. I saw it quoted on someone else iAM page that was modblogged a few days ago. How ironic :)

  6. Heretic138, no it’s not from a real suicide picture. i’m pretty sure it’s flash from shane o’neil. very jealous! i always wanted to tattoo that on someone!

  7. Actually it was George Carlin who said it originally, Bill Mahr would reference him by saying that.

    *- – - the more you know!

  8. it was used in nirvanas scentless apprentice but kurt didnt invent the line!!so i guess you suck!!!

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