Seven Crowns Grand Opening in Toronto! (Feb. 13, 2009)

A Dia De Los Muertos-ish skull surrounded by candy and cupcakes? That’d be the handiwork of Matt Ellis, one of Toronto’s finest tattoo artists and the co-proprietor, along with George Brown, of Seven Crowns Tattoo, their brand new private custom studio! These guys have a combined 9,000 years of experience, and this is the sort of unholy coalition that just begs for a grand opening party to be thrown on Friday the 13th. Party info is after the jump.

Come celebrate the Grand opening of George Brown and Matthew Ellis’ new custom tattoo studio. Seven Crowns Tattoo. Seven Crowns features two of Toronto’s finest artists working in a clean, relaxed private studio. That being said, a party is going on, and all are invited. Cheap drinks, free food, NO COVER and all the tattooed Torontonians that one person can handle. Have questions, call 416 322 7696, or call Rockie Raccoon’s at 416 484 6464.

15 thoughts on “Seven Crowns Grand Opening in Toronto! (Feb. 13, 2009)

  1. NO WAY!
    I get a day of the dead-esque skull on my chest today, and I open modblog to see this?
    Seriously, what are the chances?

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