Down That Hole and Back Again

Shortly after this photo was taken, Mario (pictured above) climbed a vine up to a cloud and punched the shit out of a turtle. Err, wait, this is Andres, and he says:

Mushrooms have always been seen as a way to get in contact with inner knowledge. The symbolism [of this tattoo] is to drive my inner knowledge out of my body, through my tongue and turn it into words of knowledge.

(Tattoo by Alejandro Cole at Stattoos in San Pedro, San Jose, Costa Rica.)

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27 thoughts on “Down That Hole and Back Again

  1. What a daft reason for getting a tattoo. Why doesn’t he just admit he’s a shroomer and wanted a cute tattoo to make people giggle.

  2. Amanita Muscaria! Setting sail on the dark ocean of consciousness, plucking out bits of universal wisdom, knowledge, truth and love. Then attempting to actualize these concepts through symbolism, using actions, intentions, linguistics, art, learning, teaching and evolving consciously. Fungus has been around millions of years, it contains quite a bit of information on reality and culture.

  3. Honestly, I kind of wish the motivation behind this tattoo really was Super Mario. The actual explanation was definitely lame.

  4. we all know drugs are bad mmmkay!

    go preach to someone who cares jonny

    ps someone who has an upside down cross on his iam really shouldn’t be throwing stones. your beliefs, his lifestyle. get over it.

  5. Wow! what’s with the anti-psychedelic sentiment around here. You’d think a bunch of modified people would be more open minded than that! I’ve actually enjoyed psychedelics shortly after every major modification I’ve made, I don’t attribute the effects to any notion of spiritualism, just plain enjoyable, and a good way to spend time with yourself.

  6. Implants won’t work.

    Ear implants won’t work.

    Transdermals won’t work.

    Surface piercings won’t work.

    Tongue tattoos won’t work.

    When will people realize that the fact that something hasn’t worked yet doesn’t mean it never will. My inner lip tattoo (which people also say never work) has been there with almost no ink loss for a good five or six years. Want a tongue tattoo that works? Easy! Just start doing more of them until you figure out what works and what doesn’t, then refine from there. With tongue tattoos, there’s not even a big scar or anything, so there’s really little reason to not try.

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