Rag and Bone

Bekki is an artist from Sacred Heart Tattoo in Atlanta, Georgia, that often does guest spots at Ink Assassins in Erie, Pennsylvania, and we both share a common interest in dumpster diving. This piece was in regards to that, as well as the concept that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

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9 thoughts on “Rag and Bone

  1. I used to work for Waste Managment. That W should be green, by the way. Unless it was done on purpose, either way, pretty cool concept!

  2. freakin awesome, great tattoo!
    i bet those little triangles on the side of the dumpster were a bitch.

  3. i thought it was a printer cartridge, and i worked waste management for four years…

  4. waste management used to have their logos in dark red years ago.
    they used to have their dumpsters in maroon.
    very great tattoo :)

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