“All You Need is Love”

And here we have a cover-up piece on Laura, done by Cory Hand at By The Book Tattoos in Columbus, Mississippi. “I had a flower that I wasn’t really into anymore,” Laura says, “and he came up with this amazing idea for me. In a couple of weeks, we’ll add the lettering, ‘All You Need Is Love’ underneath the hole.”

22 thoughts on ““All You Need is Love”

  1. I love this tat but i personally think it would be best to leave the lettering out, the image itself is really strong enough. But i always say to each his/her own so do what you feel is best.

  2. Love it! I personally think it would be better without the words underneath but i love the illustration, very cute.

  3. omg i love it. i agree with #1 no words!! but yeah great tattoo. love the cut out effect.

  4. very cute and well illustrated tattoo, haert cut out idea is awesome with the floating tiny hearts above very awesome

  5. I like the concept, but IMO the execution wasn’t too great…don’t mean to knock it, but I had to look at the caption to get what it was supposed to be. the perspective of the blood is off too…I’m not sure how its supposed to flow up the sides of a hole.

    nice idea, but a few problems

  6. its just my opinion obviously but this is the latest in a long line of very poor tattoos featured on modblog,at least shes happy with it i guess.

  7. I’m lost too. I like the red and the thick outlining, but what’s with the brown cut out thing? What is supposed to look like it’s been cut out? And cut out from where? Is it to look as if it has been cut out of her skin? Because it doesn’t, does it? I don’t get it, but I want to understand – not bashing, just seeking clarification. I’d see it and think it’s a kids’ sticker.

  8. Hey guys. Thank you for your compliments. I’m very happy with this piece. To each his own is probably the most appropriate statement. I did get the lettering added to it about two weeks after. :)

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