A Mere Heart of Stone

Well, holy crap. Guy sends in this photo of his incredible Charles Darwin portrait by Aliz at Primitive Origins in Hammersmith, London, finished after three sessions. I have nothing to add here: This is some of the more outstanding portraiture I’ve seen in a very long time. I mean, it’s no Leslie Nielsen-butterfly, but still.

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19 thoughts on “A Mere Heart of Stone

  1. thats just pro, excellent to see we have great tattoo artists here in blighty too

  2. That is excellent!
    And I always appreciat a nice kick in the balls for Christianity…

  3. awesome one of my favorite heretics of all time
    love ya D!

    a wonderful piece of art
    3 sessions tho? really?

  4. Thought it was Santa Claus. Hehe; nah, I like it alot. Looks just like he pasted a photo on his arm. Perfection

  5. ahh the detail is absolutely terrific! the wrinkles around his eyes.. and very well done shading!

  6. Thanks all!

    To avoid confusion, this is located on my thigh.

    Myke: It certainly is, in West London theres a ton of people wanting cross/religious icons tattooed and I presented Aliz with this and she was thrilled.

    heretic138: It was 6 hours over 3 sessions.

  7. I’ve also always wanted a Darwin, now it seems I’ll have to travel to the UK to get one though cause Aliz’s work looks incredible, I’m very jealous!

  8. Love the tattoo, although D does look pissed off about something :p
    Oh, and I remember reading somewhere that this year, being the anniversary of Darwin and all (or was it the the publication of OoS, I can’t remember), the Vatican issued a official statement saying that Darwin’s theory of evolution (or the synthetic theory) isn’t entirely at odds with the teachings of the Church and the Bible…:PP
    Took them long enough to admit, that they were wrong.

  9. well Myke….as time goes by,Darwin gets made to be twaddle it always was.
    hope you have a fish on your car too fucker..just so you look even more ignorant and hopefully somebody puts a boot to your balls…asshole

  10. I *love* this! Firstly because it’s amazing work, and secondly because it’s awesome to see someone getting a tattoo in honour of science and rationalism. You see so many religious tattoos, and not enough atheist/agnostic tattoos! I’m planning to get a tattoo of David Attenborough done this summer :)

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