I Got No Spit

Well, in celebration of today’s special edition of “Follow-Up Tuesday,” here we refer again to a post from yesterday: this one, full of murderous lady-hating sharks, which maybe sends a bad message to sea creatures! This one, above—a friendly hammerhead scene being worn by eequalsmc2—is much more positive, on the whole. Also: hammerhead shark tears contain swine flu antidote. The more you know.

(Tattoo by Jesse Neese at Nuclear Ink in Omaha, Nebraska.)

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36 thoughts on “I Got No Spit

  1. I love it. I feel so redundant saying that, but this is just gorgeous. I love the swirls of the ocean and sky. Plus the side boob is great. Why have I never thought of that before.

  2. That is really quite beautiful. If you’d told me an hour ago that I’d soon be agog over a tattoo of a shark, I doubt I would’ve believed you.

    And there’s certainly nothing wrong with where the tattoo leads… ;)

  3. this is absolutely gorgeous!!
    i don’t post unless i really HAVE to say something, and that had to be said. again.

    ah, i’m jelous, that piece is brilliant!

  4. kickass tat!

    and man.. look at that side boob! is it real? she has such a tiny figure and then…. BAAAM!!!


    so yeah, inquiring minds want to know. real or not?

    either way, this photo ooozes sexiness

  5. very creative, i really really really like this! and yes, i like the bewbie idea also…go figure!

  6. plenty of thin girls have naturally big titties – it happens. also, i absolutely love this picture – it’s so peaceful.

  7. wow! i love how playful the waves and sky are! what a refreshing take on a familiar design style!

  8. I approve of this sideboob tattoo! In a perfect world, there would be more sideboob tattoos. This makes me want to get some sideboob tattoos. The rest of it is awesome too.

  9. Oh my goodness. I am loving the contrast between the water and sky. This is one of the most gorgeous side tattoos I have seen here.

  10. Anyone else get the same feeling from this artwork as when watching Smashing Pumpkin’s “Tonight, Tonight” video? Not that I’m a fan of that band or anything, but I think this type of imagery is quite similar.

    Well done.

  11. This is just one beautiful example of the great work I’ve seen come out of Omaha!

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