This Week in BME

It’s that time of the week, ModBloggers—this bird’s gotta fly.

(Tattoo by the excellent Lionel from Out of Step, who’s got such a singular style and has been featured on ModBlog several million times. We’ll feature some more of his stuff very soon.)

So what went down this week, friends?

Hey, we like nice, simple piercings.

We also like portraits.

And painting in the nude.

Burn yo’ dick.

Split yo’ tongue.

The incredible Sean Karn wowed us all again, as per usual.

I did a really fun podcast with Brian/Perk900, live from the APP! (There’s more where this came from, too.)

Oh yeah, check out this awesome, exclusive video of Rob Spence, a.k.a. EYEBORG.

You know the deal: Check back this weekend for some good stuff, and we’ll be back to full crushing potential come Monday morning. Until then, take care of yourselves, ModBloggers, have some fun, and, as always, thank you for your continued support of BME.

Sing and Rejoice

Good afternoon, ModBloggers! Have you saluted ol’ Queenie up there yet today? No? Well…the ever-watchful eye of the British Empire has a death gaze for you, after the jump.

(Tattoos by the great Sean Karn at Fuzion Ink in Norfolk, Virginia. More Karn here.)

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Betting on People

A few people mentioned in the comments for yesterday’s tiger post that they weren’t big on animal tattoos, but that that one had turned them into believers. Well, apparently Sean Karn at Fuzion Ink in Norfolk, Virginia, wasn’t satisfied with converting just a few of you, so he’s shared this wildlife sleeve, which is really just pages from National Geographic that he glued to a client’s arm is one of the nicest pieces I’ve probably ever seen. Also, that morose water buffalo on top looks like it could use a hug.

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Set the Teeth

Ha, oh look, here’s a fine example of your common “tramp-stamp” tattoo! Note the flash tribal and poorly shaded Pisces symbol, all encased in…OK, I’m going to stop joking about this before that thing comes to life and bites the shit out of me. This excellent set of tiger eyes comes to us from Sean Karn at Fuzion Ink in Norfolk, Virginia.

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