DIY Till I Die

allesistscheisse is going to help me out with today’s public service announcement. One of the great things about tattoos is that most people can’t tell good tattoo work from bad tattoo work. It’s a pro but also a con. The primary thing is that it makes the wearer of the tattoo happy. When I posted Norm’s vimby video, a comment was made that you could get good script from any reasonably good tattoo shop, which I wholeheartedly disagree with. I know some amazing tattooers who just can’t do good lettering. One of the quotes that I’ve heard is that “good tattoos are ruined by bad lettering”, like if you see an amazingly well done sacred heart with a really cruddy “Mom” in the banner. It just kills the tattoo.
As long as Kevin is happy, that’s what matters in the long run.

“homemade tattoos rule, taken from my favourite book about tattoos ever from thomas jeppe.”


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So what is the lesson that we’ve learned today? Friends don’t let friends give each other home made tattoos. Unless of course your friend happens to be a kick ass tattooer.

Inflame the Minds

If you’ve been around BME for a while…you almost surely know where this is going. A small, DIY, heart-shaped brand? C’mon…take a guess.

A couple of click-throughs, after the jump.

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The Secret is the Bungee Cord

BME’s received photos like this in the past, and, if I’m not mistaken, this had been accomplished by running a tube through a urethral reroute and pumping whichever gas through, but I don’t think that’s the case here. It almost looks like some sort of device is just being placed in the urethra … but I can’t really tell. It could be going through a reverse-PA hole as well. Any piercers or amateur arsonists out there? There’s another photo after the jump, but above, as always, click through to de-Roo.

UPDATE! Roo claims this was done using a Prince’s Wand. I will take his word for it.