I Like Griping

The very talented intergalactic traveler Anders the Piercing Guy checks in with these recent (and rare) vertical lowbrets, done with 1-1/8″ straight barbells. These are the first such piercings Anders has done since 2005, he says, but one won’t find oneself in much better hands than his. Best of luck with the healing process, fella.

A couple more angles, after the jump.

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50 thoughts on “I Like Griping

  1. ummm, aren’t there lots of nerves right there that could really mess you up?

  2. don’t care so much ’bout the piercings – lovely though they are – cos that be one cute guy!

  3. There’s no way his skin is going to be ok with that much constant horizontal pressure. Could still ‘heal’ after it rejects (for lack of a better word) through that little bit of skin under pressure..

  4. the piercings exit the top below the tongue at the edge of your gumline,, if you use your thumb and finger you can feel that there is only a little tissue seperating them, but it would feel fucking gnarly

  5. Dave, I dont think they are mandible piercings. Lowbrets, I believe, go through the lip and chin tissue vertically. Push your tongue down to the bottom of your lip line on the inside, and thats where it goes through.

  6. I just want you all to know that this man is my very good friend, and, to be completely honest, he’s not doing so well right now. Emotionally, that is.
    Basically his girlfriend straight up dumped him last month, then he lost his job teaching people how to rock climb, and his new car got reposessed.
    Total bummer.
    Then he started doing all this “Self Re-Invention” stuff which basically was a tribute to his vanity and nothing more.
    He got dread locks from my sister’s friend(they spent like 8 hours smoking pot, listening to Modest Mouse, and dripping hot beeswax onto his head).
    He sold and/or gave away all his personal effects.
    And lastly he got this ostentanious and mildly dangerous body modification, and we were all were all like, “Dude, Bro, you could have totally saved yourself like fifty bucks and like weeks of pain and got micro-dermals,” and he was just like, ” Dude, I wanted something more extreme, more RAW. You know, I needed to feel that pain, you know, to transform.”
    We haven’t seen him in like two weeks and his wallet and cell phone are at my house so I’m starting to get worried.
    If anyone has seen him around please send me an email. We are all worried about him.
    Take care and God Bless.

  7. Hey mate im from the gold coast and visit Anders quite often, is your mate from the gold coast? if so what area?

  8. Now, I’m not one to say what does or doesn’t necessitate a ‘transformation’ of oneself, but If losing a girlfriend, a job, and a car causes one to feel the need to ‘transform’ oneself… then this guy wasn’t right to begin with. Perhaps his parents didn’t teach him how to cope with loss. But dreadlocks, piercings, and selling all of your material possessions as a way to dissociate yourself from your old life isn’t going to address the root problem which is that the guy doesn’t know how to be his own person without a girlfriend, job, or car. Sad. But if he’s gone off and done something stupid, the best you can hope for is that he comes back saying, “Fuck, won’t do something that stupid again”.

  9. Are we talking about the same person that I pierced, tourist from europe(country withheld) travelling around Australia?, I have had email contact with this person for over a month before we did the procedure, he seemed pretty stable to me .

    #19 you are right regarding the procedure


  10. if he really is MIA right now, you ask if anyone knows where he is, you don’t jot down his life’s problems on the internet for everyone to read. it’s rude and not your place to tell everyone what’s going on with him, even if you are a good friend :/

  11. im still abit confused, does the piercing go from behind his teeth or infront?

  12. They go in front of the teeth through the chin tissue

    And I call bs too
    Dreads take over a year to mature like that and they never mature like that using wax because they rot out

  13. “There’s no way his skin is going to be ok with that much constant horizontal pressure. Could still ‘heal’ after it rejects (for lack of a better word) through that little bit of skin under pressure…” It is not a surface piercing….

  14. i like the piercings, though i could never wear them, theyd annoy the piss out of me, i think. but they look sweet!

  15. I love the grammar of 14 and 15. haha

    As far as the whole reinventing thing goes, why not? Doesn’t everyone do that from time to time? And sometimes a particular event makes you take a step back and get a new perspective on your life. I pressed reset a few times myself after getting really screwed over by people that I thought were really good friends, etc.

  16. I still don’t believe this story. You can see that the upper 5cm of his dreads look different than the rest. He must have had these for at least half a year.
    And I think if somebody really was worried about him or missed him he would have just written that and not told the whole world aubout his problems and the music he listens to while smokin pot…

    Or would he?

  17. that little piece of fiction contained waaaay too many stereotypes to be true. dude, i think you were just trying to find a creative way to say the same thing every other closed minded asshole says about people with dreads, piercings, tattoos, etc. grow the fuck up please.

  18. I know someone who has these lowbrets and they said it was the most painful piercing they ever had. Then they stretched them up to an 8. I think they’re a very cool piercing but I’m kinda too wimpy for this one. ;)

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