Led By a Lion

Good morning, ModBloggers! Let’s start the day with Russia’s own split-tongued Katya, ready for some desert combat, apparently. Something about shacking up on a sand dunes that makes a girl want to lick her lips, am I right? Eh? No? Not even close, huh? Well…nuts.

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14 thoughts on “Led By a Lion

  1. @ironman: you’d better line up with the rest and wait.
    You know, I sense the horned dude won’t be short of horny dudes willing to do business.

    Now (apart from the terrible pun, but I live in a third world country and this is pretty much the best pun my poor grasp of the english language can spawn) I – you know – I just do not want everybody to think I’m, like, this super horny dude who’s going “whoah hot omg!!111″ on any chick – I just happen to appreciate beautiful, stylish, classy and smart looking chicks and it’s not my fault if Jordan – who, I’m sure, gets a share of Satan’s revenue – keeps posting about them.
    Bad, bad Jordan.

  2. I am not at liberty to discuss the details of my lucrative arrangement with Satan.

  3. There’s something very wrong in my comment, grammatically, but I can’t quite find out what it is.
    Feel free to correct me and treat me like the ignorant ass I am.

  4. Ha, but now you are implicitly acknowledging there’s some dirty business going between you and, you know, the guy downstairs. You’ve blown your cover, man. You did.

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