To Open Or Not To Open

It’s a shame to be cooped up on a pleasant, warm evening like this one, ModBloggers, so let’s call it a night with this fine portrait courtesy of Ellen Claire Photography. “I’ve had her for seven years now,” says the model of her vertical bridge. “I love this piercing.” Agreed! I’ve always liked the look of a person wearing only a septum or bridge (vertical or otherwise) piercing as one’s only facial piercing, and she wears it well. (And healthily, evidently.)

Fare thee well, folks. Until tomorrow.

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15 thoughts on “To Open Or Not To Open

  1. I’ve never seen a vertical bridge fit someone so well. And she’s a SLAMMIN’ hottie!

  2. Vertical bridges are fucking sexy.

    And who cares that its a curved barbell? It looks healthy from what I can tell. I rather see a healthy piercing than a rejecting piercing with proper jewelry.

  3. #4 – I find that a bit of a snotty comment for a person whose website recommends antibacterial soap as a part of their aftercare and showcases pictures of dice for “venom” piercing jewelry.

    Don’t be so quick to judge unless you’re setting a better example.

  4. #6: I bet you didn’t see any photos of curved barbells in vertical bridges on the Vogue site! I also at least have the balls to link to my place of work, unlike you who posted anonymously!

    I particularly enjoy the bump in the middle of her forehead. You know, because she’s wearing improper jewellery in a surface piercing?

  5. #8, i noticed that, the bump in the forehead just does not do it for me. I don’t like how it looks at all.

  6. #8 etc.

    What makes it “proper”? We’re people who put ink and holes in out skin. Neither of which were originally there. Plainly if this piercing has been here for YEARS, that’s doing pretty well for a surface job, and if she decided she likes a curved barbell, and that it is a healthy bit of jewelry to use, then step the fuck off.

    If I wanna hang belly button jewelry from my fucking nose than that’s proper enough for me. Grow the hell up.

  7. What’s the healing success rate on these things? I have back luck with piercings, but this placement is really attractive…

  8. #12 Proper as in jewellery that actually gives a chance of healing. Just because someone managed to heal a vertical bridge with a curved bar (and ended up with a lumpy forehead as a result!!) doesn’t mean it is proper jewellery or that people should attempt to do it themselves. In most cases they will only end up with a very angry piercing and a nice scar for their efforts.

    #13 As with all surface piercings there is a high chance of rejection and migration. Vertical bridges should only be performed with a proper surface bar or microdermals. I think you would have a better chance of healing microdermals. Do some research for yourself and find a reputable piercer to do a consult for you!

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