One Star at a Time

When we interviewed Sean Dowdell a few months back, we included photos of a few of the very impressive microdermal projects coming out of his Club Tattoo shops. Well, here’s another one! “All microdermal projects,” Dowdell says, are done by him, in addition to “the entire piercing crew at Club Tattoo (Mercedes, Burni, Matt, Chris, Brent, Jeff and Sheena). Projects are a collaboration between all of us.” An alternate photo of a project from the aforementioned article on Sean, after the jump.

(Photos by Sean Hartgrove.)

25 thoughts on “One Star at a Time

  1. reminds me of bedazzling clothes back in the day lol. gorgeous work!

  2. So, is this just one of those “lets see how many we can put on a person” deal?

    Something like that on a persons side would probably be really annoying to heal. I don’t like the way it looks either.

  3. the top one looks cool but im with jojo the amount of photoshopping on that girls skin- it is spoiling the photo. but seeing this is about mods not so much photography- i like the microdermals on her chest, it looks very ornamental.

  4. Holy wow is that all photoshopped to hell. She looks like a mannequin. She would be smoking without the obvious touch up.

    I can get behind the chest and face, but the belly looks a little… excessive. It looks like it would be great to wear to a party or event, but it wouldn’t get much millage after that. She’d probably be better off using press-on gem stones. Unless of course those are less snaggable than they look and won’t be getting caught in clothing.

  5. I am so very sick of the amount of people complaining at photoshopping for modblog. Sure I may not be a massive fan of how it looks either but bme is the biggest body mod website on the internet and there are a large amount of people who visit modblog for the eyecandy and they probably raise a lot more money towards the monumental bandwidth bme uses through the extra ad money they bring than those paying for membership do so is it really that big of a deal? Alternatively you could just donate a huge amount of money to bme, your call but I personally would rather put up with the unnecessary photoshopping than make the entire of bme pay to view and alienate virtually all of the next generation of kids curious about body modification….

  6. Why, she’s been airbrushed into oblivion!
    She’s probably gorgeous without all the photoshopping. :S

  7. okay this sounds stupid probably, but how can you tell it’s photographed? I can never tell…..and I can’t imagine how all those could possibly heal.. and getting caught, and I don’t envy her for how much sleeping on her side might feel… I think she’s reeally pretty though

  8. Looks great! and I have to say, the new Planet Hollywood shop is amazing. Friendly atmosphere and everything there is high-quality.

  9. I can’t tell what it is. It’s a specific design, right?
    They’re lovely and happy and all that, but crimmeny talk about a hassle.

  10. Adding to the pile of comments saying this, but yeah, that first one is airbrushed like crazy. Not something I see very often in photos here, so that’s a little sad. I love seeing real people in the photos here, you know, real people with real PORES, and not ridiculous airbrushed nonsense that I could see on any magazine cover. 😐 It doesn’t even look good.

  11. 🙂 no problem, i know it’s pretty difficult to see in most pictures,because of the angle. BUT i looks amazing in person though, I absolutely love it <3

  12. Yeah that first picture isn’t airbrushed, its butchered. Definitely agree with #4.
    But the actual microdermals look great 🙂

  13. But the most important thing is, where can I get that anchor necklace? Anyone know?

  14. Very cool stuff!
    i love how Mr.Dowdell is pushing the medium and creating unique pieces with micro-dermals.

    however, i still worry about the success rate for many piercers using them. i wonder what Sean’s success rate is after a year.
    6 months?
    3 months?
    2 years?
    etc, etc

  15. #22 took the words out of my mouth. That necklace is pretty sweet. I like the chest microdermals.

  16. Would love to see updates on this type of large scale microdermal project.. always seem to be posted fresh with no follow up. Bobcaygeon, though!

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