A Dispenser of Schmaltz

Well well well, it’s a BME EXCLUSIVE, folks! Here we have a never-before-seen photo from one of those new goddamn vampire shows or something. Exciting, isn’t it? This, obviously, is from, hmm…Twilight, maybe? Is that a show? Oh, it’s a movie? Sure. This is a picture from the new Twilight. Keep checking ModBlog for all your hot celebrity news and shit.

(The photo is actually of the lovely Hannah and her friends. They may or may not be real vampires.)

17 thoughts on “A Dispenser of Schmaltz

  1. I think you mean ~**~*SPARKLING*~**~, Corvin.

    Their chests are neither scintillating nor incandescent enough, and their orb/pools/hues are not the perfect shade of golden-topaz-butterscotch-honey. Though, to be fair, they aren’t really bursting into flames, either.

    Oh, Twilight. Stop showing up in places I don’t expect to see you.

  2. Twilight would be a whooooole lot more enticing if the vampires were cute and modded.

  3. Never seen twilight, but chuck thems kids above in the mix and i’m 5th row from the front, centre right.
    Hot diggity.

  4. lmfao I REALLY hope you didn’t think I was serious with that post, Ashley.

  5. twilight is lame. end of story. vampires are sweet. but not vampires who don’t drink blood, or burst into flames when in direct sunlight, or that have no heart and just want to destroy everything. the picture is fun though :D

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