Dance An Antic Hay

This is very, very close to being an explicit picture, and, while I’m sure nobody would had a problem with a little less perpendicularity, I think we can all appreciate being able to see Melt Banana‘s “satanic ass” (her words!) free of any blurring or pixellation. Really, though—great tattoos, beautiful photo…I don’t like throwing around words like “hero” willy-nilly, but I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that Melt Banana is the greatest hero in American history.

(Goat tattoos by Angelo Colussi at Quetzal Tattoo in Milan, Italy.)

34 thoughts on “Dance An Antic Hay

  1. It took me about 10 minutes to fully figure this out, probably not a good sign. Awesome piece though.

  2. Thats awesome! I’m glad I’m on my laptop so I could flip it round, can imagine some nasty injuries trying to look at this the other way!

  3. “I pledge my arse to the devil’s 3 eyed goats!”

    p.s. Is she doing satanic yoga?

  4. i love this shot. the tattoos are great as well. are butts usually that… pointy? or is it just the angle…

  5. very rad! I think what really makes this tattoo is the mirror images- such a good idea.

  6. @2: I didn’t even think of turning it around… I was just thinking how I wish I could see it right side-up… Wow, I feel really slow……….

  7. @15: actually no..the drawings are all by angelo Colussi, and the imaginary as and him worked together to find the nicest ways to have 2 goats facing each other on my ass and then the rest coming up to my belly :)

  8. I thought it was two elephants facing each other……then i saw the goat.

    Now that i look at it again, those would be strange looking elephants.
    Like the idea tho.

  9. awesome!

    i don’t think her butt is pointy… i think she’s just doubled over so much that her pelvis is showing through… she’s probably skinny too cause my girl’s butt is way more round no matter how much i bend her around

  10. Oh man…it took me a while to get what part of the body this was..
    I kept thinking, “they’re missing a head!”
    Then I realized that it was a bottom.

  11. this is one of the better executed tattoos I have seen posted in awhile hazaaa

  12. you just love to show that beautiful as here dont you?

    I am going to mila in 1 month i think. let me know where you are if you want. i would like to see you after all this years…. you know my email. skatuaba-gmail. hope you do.

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