A God Among Insects

Continuing on with the recent trend of excellent Marvel-themed tattoos we’ve been receiving, we’d be remiss if we didn’t share this X-Men sleeve by the good folks at both Tattoo Mania and Fine Line Tattoo, both conveniently located in The Netherlands! It’s always funny when we get similar pieces in a short span of time that were almost surely not influenced by one another—I guess once the idea’s out there in the ether…oh come on, you all saw Waking Life, didn’t you? No? Whatever.

Check out the remainder of this glorious mutantry, after the jump.

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19 thoughts on “A God Among Insects

  1. While it is pretty and all…I don’t like it. It is like 2 or 3 tattoos and LOTS of background. Strikes me as being the type of dude who goes to a tattoo shop and says, “i want to sleeve’. You know what I mean? Personally all of this ,’tattoos are becoming socially acceptable” is diluting a wonderful art. I don’t know…I feel mean for sayign that… but i’m sure there are others out there who feel the same way that I do.

  2. huh, that vampire face in the sheet its from Gabriel Knight 2 – The Beast Within game front box o_o

    nothing to do with the X-men or any marvel stuff, but still a great game [lol]

  3. Michael, if someone wants a sleeve, let them have a sleeve, damn. Maybe he wanted it that way? I have no idea how you think that people having tattoos is going to ruin tattoo art. Of course tattoos are becoming acceptable, Miami Ink, LA Ink, all sorts of tattoo shows, tattoo shops sprouting up every which way in every town. Since when does that mean it’s dying? Don’t want to be accepted, go get your face tattooed.

    I love this sleeve, and sal, I’m guessing that face screaming was there before the rest was started, and was just nicely integrated.

  4. god forbid someone get a sleeve from 2 or 3 beautiful and well-executed tattoos instead of countless tiny ones with shitty stars to fill in the excess space. jeez louise. it’s not on your arm, what do you care?

  5. I can barely begin to wrap my head around this incredible tattoo. I love lots of background by the way. Makes a color piece really pop.

  6. While it does have a lot of background (and perhaps could use more in the foreground), the Phoenix on the forearm is pretty fab.

  7. honestly, i think if he had thrown in more characters in the foreground it would have bordered on crowded. i mean, he’s got five half big main characters, the big face on his bicep (if it was there before the sleeve then it’s been incorporated really well) and one other character as part of the background on his wrist, where else would another character fit properly on his arm without changing the sizes of the other pieces? i think the composition is really well done.

  8. I think the background is the best bit of this tattoo… so I dunno what No.3 is whining about :p My sleeves are a similar character-to-background ratio and they are just right. And yes, I walked in to my tattooist and said ‘I want a sleeve’ because, omg, I wanted a sleeve?!?! Are only people who don’t want sleeves supposed to get them? Or are they supposed to be a mash of different tattoos over time finally joined up into one piece? Because I fail to see how that can produce better artwork than a piece that is carefully planned out to fill the space from the outset, hence there is no logic to your argument.

  9. Again!!! Could be better!!! More detail and better space use and you could have the best X-men sleeve ever!!

    I can’t wait til my boyfriend has his carnage/assorted symbiote sleeve done and finished his Ghost Rider one.
    You’ll cry. They’re the best.

  10. Omg before I looked at it properly, I thought it was some Japanese work lol! I do love it though. But its not something I would ever consider getting done myself.

  11. OMG, i just saw wakeing life t’uther day and found it the most amazing peice of cinema iv ever seen, how weird is that, i watch it and then u mention it on hear….looks like the guy in bed was right lol,
    nice tatts btw, love the wolverine one

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