The Silken String

The last time we saw Graham, he was indisposed, getting ready to party, and starring in all sorts of perverse toilet erotica. Now? Our young hero has decided to grace us with George Will’s hated blue jeans, in nature, with a knit stocking cap (I think). The one incongruous piece? His asymmetric microdermal below his left eye, which, if my schooling has taught me anything, means he once killed a guy (in the bathroom, maybe?). Beware.

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34 thoughts on “The Silken String

  1. Thanks ya’ll. The background of this is at Pittock Mansion in Portland, Oregon. If you’re ever in Portland, I highly recommend it!

  2. Mmm sexy sexy. Loving the moustache philtrum combination, and the colours of the tattoos are gorgeous.

  3. what a handsome devil. the best thing about this picture is his relaxed composure.

    and the tree chestpiece.

    hotness. whoa.

  4. Hmmn, is that tree trunk part aorta? if so and there is an anatomically correct heart at the base that is an idea I have been considering for a while – would love to see the whole piece if possible… Also loving the work in general…

  5. As said above, clearly he is enjoyed aesthetically.
    His peircings match him well, and the tattoos compliment nicely.

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