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We all took turns admiring this wonderful corset piece a few days ago, largely because of how well it was coordinated with the wearer’s dress. Well, here we have some more lovely pierced corsetry, albeit placed slightly differently. I have to say, though, this project is a bit more difficult to fit into a whole ensemble, especially for a wedding. Unless, you know, she’s just wearing a pair of old school Keds or something. Hmm…hey, photo shoot idea!

And of course, all the click-through and post-jump images you’ve come to know and love and expect from we here at ye olde ModBlog.

(Corset project by Steven Pure at Thick As Thieves Tattoo in Denver, Colorado.)

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28 thoughts on “Just a Bystander

  1. yanno, i imagine that if she had two more rings on the back of her hips, she could just clip on a bikini bottom and be good to go at the beach. no tan lines over the hip, no worries about the sides coming untied, no ticket for being bottomless at the beach.

    lookit me go, finding practical applications for a purely aesthetic things. i feel so type A.

  2. OOOOH What a gorgeous Christina!! I’m totally jealous. Now I want a Christina.

  3. if I went through all the trouble of getting a corset on my crotch, I think I would get something cuter to lace through it than a shoelace. Other than that, pretty awesome, props to the lady who sat through that.

  4. #12 “do not want”
    well pass it down to me

    i like the shoelace it adds a touch of personallity that a regular ribbon couldn’t

  5. i like the idea, and have seen it executed a little better, and with more piercings.
    not sure how i feel about the shoelaces.
    defininitely don’t like the navel curve in her christina.
    but whatever. had to have been a fun project nonetheless.

  6. Ugh I hate the shoe lace. I get the idea of doing something kind of new, but least get a thinner one. It looks like they forgot the lace and had to ‘make do’.

  7. it’s obviously a new shoe lace. she probably liked it (i think its cute, too) and she wanted it there. shes not undoing her shoes to use the dirty lace in her new corset piercing set..

  8. I’m gonna sound dumb now, but what is the difference between a Christina and an Isabella??

  9. colalala, i was gonna say the same thing.
    are navel rings usually worn in

    idk, it looks good, but the
    ring just looks kinda funny.

  10. ok gonna say the belly bar in the christina….uh no not good choice. if your in a situation where your good jewelry fell out ok, but other then that use something more appropriate. and a shoe lace?

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