Far From Cliff or Scar

Good day, ModBloggers! Here we have old friend of BME, Lassi, he of the Mundus Absurdus boys, sporting some shiny new horns (screwed into transdermal implants, natch) and inspecting the integrity of that glass baton he’s got there. And all that glass there, teardrops in his ears included? All custom-made by the illustrious Jason of Gorilla Glass. After the jump, another shot of Lassi, and hey, while you’re at it, take a peek at BMEshop’s Gorilla Glass selection (and anything else, for that matter) and, if you like it, pop in ilovebme as a discount code and you’ll get 15 percent off until tomorrow. Awesome? Awesome.

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38 thoughts on “Far From Cliff or Scar

  1. fucking gorgeus those horns but face the society with that requires courage!!! eheh Good luck

  2. I just wanna…touch em. O.o

    Very awesome indeed. BME gets some of the best lookers working for them. *sigh*

  3. pretty cool, and is it just me or does it look like he has the threaded piece for another horn behind the left one? not so sure if there’s one behind the right as well

  4. gorgeous he is so handsome ….and the jewlery choice for the implants is spot on….

  5. Those horns are the most impressive I have seen. They look much better than implanted ones I think. The second pic is particularly awesome :D

  6. Oh nice. I’m usually not a fan of stretched… well, anything, really… but these are naice :)

  7. wow! nice dildo :P
    i love teardrop plugs! can someone give me a hand? I have 20 mm lobes and i´d like to wear teardrops but i have no idea wich size.. and most of the studios i ask around here have no idea also.

  8. I never really had any interest in stretching my lobes but those teardrop plugs are so gorgeous I just may reconsider…

  9. Those are awesome horns, and really, beautiful work all around from GG.

    Perhaps it’s just me, but I would totally want to try and swallow hat glass baton.

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