Forwards, Backwards, Sideways

We’ve featured the very lovely Satanycandle on these hallowed pages before, and she’s always been vaguely shape-shifty—well, no exception here. This time around, she joins the ranks of our esteemed cephalopod-esque models, doing her best octopus impression, dreadlocks waving this way and that. Not to mention, the pink jewelry is a nice contrast to the blueish photo, and she just looks awfully peaceful in general, does she not? Yes. Yes she does.

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20 thoughts on “Forwards, Backwards, Sideways

  1. @4 So do I. But in a painful way, like, spiked with a bit of envy and an ounce of desire. She’s just too fuckin’ incredible not to unleash the worst part of people. Well, of me, at least.

  2. WTF, no, thank you.
    I was wondering if all Singaporeans (?) are this cool. I could put my poor English and my extremely poor Chinese to good use & relocate there & live happily ever after, yuk!

  3. Now I get it: a gazillion years ago Chuck Norris was busy roundhouse kicking protozoa in order to obtain satanycandle today. Not us, her. Fuck us. We suck.

  4. Wayyyyyyyyyyyy to gorgeous to be a human being, maybe some sort of inter-dimentional rift spawned such a being?

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