I Want My Scalps

Sometimes, when a more bizarre or controversial item comes across our desk, we have a pretty good idea of what the general community reaction will be; sometimes people approve of these items, and sometimes they do not. Swastikas, though surely not as hot-button as they once were (provided they’re presented in the proper context), still yield fairly unpredictable results. With that said, let’s go out on the brown note today with this, Diabolo‘s throbbing, purple-headed Swasticock, tattooed by Gema at Indigo in Norwich, UK.

“While being a bit controversial,” he says, “it is one of my favorite tattoos. I’ll be having it extended round my waist at some point, and will be having ‘Hitler was a dick’ written in Hebrew above it next month.” Glorious. Until tomorrow, fair ModBloggers.

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30 thoughts on “I Want My Scalps

  1. They just look like bent fingers with purple tips and fire coming out of them…I don’t really like it, the idea behind the tattoo is fine, I don’t really agree with it, but it’s ok..it’s the actual quality of the tattoo that I don’t like. It looks silly.

  2. i’ve seen children put more effort and with better results into their scribblings

  3. That’s such a shitty tattoo! And is that the guy who inserted objects into his body and healed really well? His abdomen looks disfigured and scarred :S

  4. I’d hate to be the person who tattooed that, big disappointment.

    The condition his skin is in is quite horrid too.

  5. I must say that I love the way that people will comment on things without knowing anything about the circumstances in which they came about.
    For example, a lot of people are saying it’s a shit tattoo, not executed very well, scribbly lines etc. Well, that’s fine…it’s their opinion and they’re entitled to it. However, if I had been told that it was going to be featured I would have been able to say that it was done by someone that is still learning the trade (this was about the 10th tattoo she’d ever done – only the 2nd on a stomach and the 1st over stretch marks) and personally I think she did a great job.
    Isn’t that what really matters? What I think?

    As for the comments about my skin/weight, I know I’m overweight and that the stretch marks look ugly. But that isn’t what the article is about now, is it?

  6. i definitely wouldn’t have gotten it done, but it’ll be hilarious with the hitler quote… for people who read hebrew, anyways

  7. Diablolo, i agree. If you are happy with the tattoo, that is all that matters.

    I guess mod blog would be a better place if we only commented on the things we approve of, leaving the things we don’t understand or appreciate to those that do, especially when its something as subjective as art.

    oh. and fat guys aren’t fat.

    only fat women are fat.

  8. just don’t fuck up the hebrew too, it’s supposed to be (and i hope you can read this) היטלר היה שמוק

    and i’m sorry, i don’t think i would have let an girl that that’s only her 10th tat, do such a big tat on me.

  9. in response to #17
    Diablo, it is about what you like if it’s on your body, however since it is posted in a public forum (weather or not you intended for it to be) you should be prepared to hear the negative comments of art critics and closed minded people alike.
    I can say it shocks me that a community who is so excepting of so many things still has such an issue with fat and stretch marks, do they think there bodies are all perfect? I mean really I’ve seen some things on here that made me pause and wonder and I’m a piercer, I live for this stuff, but a little fat (or a lot depending on your definition) and everyone gets disgusted…grow a pair and get over it, we’re not all barbie and ken.
    As far as the quality of the tattoo yes it makes a huge difference that the person who did the tattoo is still learning, I don’t know who is teaching them, but they shouldn’t be taking on pieces that big this early into an apprenticeship IMO.

  10. Awful tattoo, in literally every sense of the word.

    And if it’s her 10th tattoo…maybe don’t give her such a large piece which she clearly couldn’t handle.

  11. #14: I don’t even think THAT is the original. I don’t know who she is, but I’ve seen pictures of that tattoo on some girl’s ass that is covered in cock tattoos. This girl has a necklace of dicks tattooed around her collar and chest, all different colours and each having tattoos of their own.

  12. does it matter if it’s original? no. no it does not. still can rock it’s own meaning, same meaning, whatever.

  13. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that is awesome! Love it! I think I’d forever be asking people “You… wanna see my SWASTICOCK?”

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