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Oh sweet holy shit. This is just…my God, man. The work (by Dustin Gray at AAA Tattoo in Rogers, Arkansas) is excellent—top o’ the scalp isn’t always an easy spot to get right—but this is about as terrifying as one could hope for. This gentleman has tried to grow his hair back, but this tattoo has scared his damn hair follicles shut. True story.

And just like that, dear readers, our week has reached its logical conclusion. What the hell just happened?

Brian Decker is slaying lately, and this hand/wrist/forearm cutting is just further evidence of the fact.

The Owl God made a triumphant appearance!

This gentleman was fortunate enough to survive his own autopsy, which is pretty rare.

Sidra won the 2009 BME Scholarship!

We instituted our moratorium on Michael Jackson tattoos, but went out with a bang.

It’s Log!

It’s Dong!

Massachusetts is going in the right direction with new regulations. Dallas is not.

And we’re off! Keep checking back all weekend for Alex’s dispatches from the 2009 Oslo SusCon and whatever other goodies we manage to dig up, and then come Monday it’s back to business as usual. Until then, have fun, stay safe and, as always, thank you for your continued support of BME.

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8 thoughts on “This Week in BME

  1. I am trying to decipher what the lack of comments communicates.
    Silence speaks.

  2. Kind of reminds me of a drawing on a balloon I received from a clown at the market when I was a child. I unofficially add Nightmare Fuel to the tags. Clever though.

  3. its good work Id maybe have made the teeth different myself but still cool

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