Puzzle Pieces From The Clay

Here’s a particularly peaceful suspension photo from the good folks with Russia’s Thesinnerteam suspension crew, one of the more than 70 suspensions they’ve facilitated since they formed last December September. Really, for our money, it doesn’t get much better than a quiet, isolated, outdoor suspension like this, and, as you’ll see after the jump, these fellas are pretty damn high. Luckily, in case of emergency, Russians have the power of levitation, right? Oh, no? Well…huh.

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34 thoughts on “Puzzle Pieces From The Clay

  1. awesome location. i will dream about hanging around there, too now. good night from germany ;)

  2. It would not be funny. Thanx, he is ok. But, man, I feel scary when I look to these pictures. Interesting what was in his head, when he was suspended like that?

    PS: Russians are totally crazy!

    PPS: Привет, парни. Вы жжоте, блин))

  3. To me it actually looks like there’s some kind of safety and I sure hope there was!
    To all you stupid kids saying “fuck safety”: why don’t you just go out and play in the traffic instead?

  4. i sure hope that there is a safety device there. otherwise, the first suspension related death will most likely be in russia..

  5. with things like “fuck the safety line!!” and “fuck a safety line. the whole point is to not have anything.” remember the guy that fell at the convention??????? get it together- SAFETY COMES FIRST. although it would be a great experience and looks fantastic just get with the program and be safe about it. people see these photos and imitate them or think we all do it without regard to safety.

  6. well, that was a kind of sarcasm, so be more tolerant)

    and all about safety: for last 3 weeks I`ve performed 24 suspensions on this bridge. some of them were high, some-not. I absolutely trust my equipment, hooks and everything else, so there are no reasons to for panic. everything was tested for many times before I started to work so high.

    about convention and the guy who feld down: I`ve seen this video. so, our suspensions are absolutely static, if somebody like to run, jump and fly – we use only 2-2,5 meters high, to be sure that in case of any problems there are no risk for life.

    so, do not think that we are totally crazy – we are sure in everything we do))

  7. u can trust this guy, believe me)) i was a witness of all or almost all of his perfomances and can swear that he pays lots of attention to the preparation and safety…even to much)
    i fond of him and foud t his ideas are great, i think this bridge is amazing and i gonna try it soon))

  8. i’ve seen knees tear in a split second. no mather how strong your hooks etc are, skin can and will tear.

  9. well, we took part in 1 point knee suspension (with Abnormis Crew) and the skin teared a little, but the guy was suspended for about 2 minutes, and everything was fine.
    and with 4 points (as on this photos) I am sure that a man with 70 kg. weight will not fall.

    after first 2-3 minutes of the suspension (with about 1,5 meters high) I look at the hooks and shin and if there are no problems – we lift the guy so high. with no movement – just to feel all these meters below.
    and after several minutes we get him down with his most strong and extreme expiriense in his life. =)

  10. a safety harness isn’t expensive, and it can save your life (if used properly).
    better safe than sorry (or dead).

  11. I absolutely agree, but for that moment I had see no need of safety line – only 70kg, so that was quite small weight for 4 points. and as a result – all these suspensions was fine
    for next suspensions and more heavy people – I`ll just buy some more safety equipment, it will be useful i think. good advise, what else can I say.. just thanks.

    anyway I`m proud of what we`re doing – for our our country with such small history of suspensions (only since 2005) and for my team (created just 11 months ago) it is a great progress I think

  12. Congratulations Rush! I’m glad to hear about your progress. And it’s comforting to hear that you are paying attention to safety in your suspension work.
    I still have to say this: even if you have good equipment you can never predict skin.
    This statement
    “…and with 4 points I am sure that a man with 70 kg. weight will not fall.”
    is dangerous!
    You can’t know this. Nobody can. That is exactly the reason we are commenting on the safety issue, we have seen skin tear without expecting it, when we thought it would hold for sure. And even a fall from 1 meter can be bad if you’re hanging upside down. Keep up the good work and always look for improvement!

  13. thanks for critics :)
    I had bought safety sistem today, so we`ll use them in next suspensions. I will post some photos on Iam page on Monday.

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  15. Depends a lot on the placement… and on the skin of the one hanging (and how well does he know it). I’d trust my back to go w/o safety line to each thinkable height. But I’d neither trust my knees, nor my chest, as I lack experience there….

  16. By the way: A lot of safety thing would be also use of correct material, when I see the video of #27 – this is not necesarry (and a sefety line done with that bad material would fail too). Too slim too lightweigth shackles, strings, ropes…? (likewise the case also during the US show bastian linked).

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