That’s not a big septum, THIS is a big septum

The last time I posted a picture of Babasom I was so impressed with his big septum/mustache combo that I completely neglected to post a picture of his handsome face.  Thankfully, he’s not camera shy and has sent in another round of photos.  Taking a look back over the years it’s easy to see why Babasom has been posted so many times; he’s just super photogenic and is always coming up with new things to stick in his nose.  This time is no different.

You can check out more photos of Babasom in the big septum gallery, or on his IAM page where he’s put up a couple of collages.

Sweet Talk Like a Cop

While there may be wrong—or, rather, less than ideal—reasons to commit to body modification sometimes, there isn’t really a “right” reason. For some people, it can be an intensely personal, serious and spiritual act, while for others it’s more a means for generating some lightheartedness—both are valid and important aspects of what we try to cover here. We’ve always loved publishing Babasom‘s submissions because, as we’ve said in the past, they genuinely brighten our day (and, likewise, he genuinely seems to enjoy brightening the days of others), but they also feature a man who is pushing his body in a very real way—even if huge septum piercings aren’t as “cutting-edge” as maybe they once were. “I have helped it bloom,” he says of his “metal flower” above. Don’t ever change, Babasom.

This Week in BME

Oh hey, it’s Hack! You all remember Hack from this beatific shot from last winter, right? Well, we’re glad to see him at any rate. We cannot figure out, however, exactly what it is he’s trying to force down that bothers him so much. Something obtained from the pond behind him, perhaps? Some tree bark? A DREADLOCK? Whatever it is, if it’s a staple that plays a role in the statuesque appearance possessed by him and so many of his countryfolk, we will take several boxes of this vile creation. In all fairness, he does seem to warm to it just a touch…after the jump.

And just like that, there goes our week, ModBloggers. This time around:

Stephanie started us off with this living X-ray.

SweetNausea had herself a helium party, and we were all invited. To watch, at least.

Babasom for president!

That’s a bold rose right there.

Siobhan and Kevin got all up in our sweet, delicious brains.

Brian Decker is coming to Austin, Texas, and he’s carving a damn octopus into everyone who looks at him wrong along the way.


Oh yeah, and BME Shop is still having a 40 percent off sale on tons of ear jewelry (and more) until Sunday at midnight! Go go go!

And that’s the way it ends, folks. Have yourselves a lovely weekend, stay safe and, of course, thank you for your continued support of BME.

The Only Drink

Look, we know Babasom gets featured frequently around here (lots more), but really, few contributors so consistently conjure up the mix of awe and belly laughter that his photos so often elicit. What I mean is—and I say this with nary a hint of hyperbole—if you don’t like his photos, then you are a hater of freedom. There, I said it. And it’s on the Internet, so it has to be true. Plus, he’s modest. Of the above photo, he says, “It was really tough to do this and take the picture at the same time.” That seems like a gross understatement. We love this man.

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Bend Up Every Spirit

Oh, what’s this, now? Some young turk, calls himself Will, trying place himself as the heir to the Babasom throne, hmm? With his septum at 18 mm., this gent out of São Paulo can clearly fit a finger in there, but will he challenge the reigning champion with various feats of septum pluggery? Only time will tell. Another photo, after the jump.

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See more in Big Septums (Nose Piercing)

This Week in BME

Well hey now, it wouldn’t be a proper end to a week without it being a casual Friday, am I right? That’d be Ari up there, dick just flappin’ in the breeze, standing next to noted adult film star Jacob Romero. But why? Well:

Blue Boutique (Ari’s place of work) was throwing this gay couples sex toy party, so they got him to come in and autograph DVDs and shit. […] When [he] came in, I knew what I had to ask: “Hey bro, can we get a picture…with our dicks out?”

Those are the kinds of tough questions that win awards, my friend. And just like that, our little week has run its course. What went down this time around?

Oh dear God, the throat goat is back. Hide the children.

Wayde Dunn is still a magician.

This terrible story about whatshername with all the stars on her face crash-landed into our lives, killing thousands.

Some horndog was licking swords all over the place.

Chuckie from Hungary stuck a worm in his septum, and the children all cried.

Not to be outdone, Babasom loaded up his schnozz with spicy peppers. Ball’s in your court, Chuck.

As always, we’ll pop in briefly over the weekend, and then come Monday, it’s back to normal. Until then, enjoy your weekend, folks, stay safe and, of course, thank you for your continued support of BME.

Balmy Sweets

Well hey, it’s our old friend Babasom, checking in for our vaunted “Irregular Septum Jewelry Week” here on ModBlog! Babasom is, of course, known for, among other things, just cold stickin’ things through that huge septum piercing of his, all the time. Here, he’s stowing some tasty jalapeno peppers, surely because he does not trust the people at Chipotle or wherever to provide sufficiently spicy fare. To be fair, I would shove the merciless peppers of Quetzlzacatenango up my nose a million times over before ever letting a worm poke around in there.