The Mouth of a Lion

Well well well, here we have young Justin, hailing from Oxnard, California’s scenic Channel Islands! As we can see, those are two-inch lobes (with 00-gauge piercings above those), a four-gauge septum piercing and 10-gauge twin lip piercings. Up next? Cheek piercings and stretching, stretching, stretching. Best of luck, sir!

25 thoughts on “The Mouth of a Lion

  1. I really like the look of those 10g lip rings, very nice, this guy looks about 15 years old though, which is a bit alarming.

  2. I had kind of the same thing going on with 00 holes above my 1&3/4″ ones and I had to get them scalpelled into one hole due to jewelry pinching. I am jealous of people who can pull it off!

  3. he is definitly younger than 20 (i would say underage) and his poor lobes aside his chest tat is awesome

  4. I’m not an expert on skin color, but that blue/purple color may be a combination of his skin color and the camera… just my two cents.

  5. Oh come on, why would you call him a tool just because you don’t like the way he looks? Seriously…you can disagree with someone and still show a little respect and be an adult.

    I happen to think this all looks very nice on him, the large piercings don’t seem to overwhelm his face, which is something that happens often, in my opinion. Yea, he looks young, but so what? Live and let live…if he’s happy with his body, then we should be happy for him.

  6. 11: nah they look pretty thinned out, but at that size the weight should be distributed evenly enough so that it doesn’t matter (as much).

    OT: The skulls colouring looks pretty amazing..

  7. that chest tattoo i weak and he look like a tool but his lobes my be from a blow out or a rolling my one lobes have the some descoloration

  8. I don’t like the lobes but that’s just personal preference – I don’t like them that size on anybody.

    The rest of the piercings are kick-ass. And the colouring/shading on the skull looks really good.

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