Losing My Perspicacity

Oh hey, it’s the very lovely Natalee, checking in from scenic (?) Syracuse, New York! Here we have her sporting some fashionable Diablo Organics jewelry (lots of which is currently on sale at BME Shop), though not seen in this shot? An engagement ring, courtesy of local heart-throb John Joyce! It’s true, these two are planning to join forces to stand as one of the more absurdly attractive couples around. ‘Tis the season for impending nuptials, it seems! Best of luck, you crazy kids.

13 thoughts on “Losing My Perspicacity

  1. cute pic, but, having stretchy ears, I was wondering if those type of earrings hurt w/ the weigh down.
    (if it’s a noob question, sorry!)
    and, happy love to you both!

  2. Hmm do I know you? Have we met or something?

    Just cause John and Natalee are amazing people and pretty and nice, doesn’t mean they make a great couple. Oh wait, yea they do.

  3. What kind of earrings are those? Im trying to find them on the Diablo Organics website as well as Bmeshop, but I cant seem to find them anywhere. What are they made of? I am in the market for a sweet new pair of weights.

  4. I like how she used a tiny little septu ring instead of one that hung down. I like it more now!

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