Nor Steel Nor Poison

Welcome back, ModBloggers! Hope you enjoyed your Labor Day long weekend, considering you are almost surely back at school or work or the acid mines or whatever it is you will be doing every day, forever, until Thanksgiving. Anyway, let’s kick off the next few months of daily drudgery with this adorable tattoo of, hmm, risky sex, we guess? This is what happens when Elvira and Dennis the Menace take a weekend getaway and the only movie on HBO at 3 a.m. is Auto Focus.

It’s Tuesday, dear readers. Back to school.

(Tattoo by Dave Gilbert at Marked For Life in Warren, Michigan.)

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5 thoughts on “Nor Steel Nor Poison

  1. design wise its not great but the quality is there, nice shading. Line work is pretty good too.

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