Split Ya Guts

As we have made mention of many times in the past, ModBlog exists, if for no other reason, than to bring you, the handsome and erudite readers, the very finest in cephalopod-related body modification. Well, here we have a jaunty little octopus, cut into place by Brian Decker at Pure Body Arts in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Mr. Decker is currently gallavanting around Berkeley, California, doing whatever it is people do there (smoke medical marijuana and hate America), so feel free to get in touch with him if you are in the market for his particular brand of pain-infliction.

Enjoy your weekend and your Raekwon, folks!

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34 thoughts on “Split Ya Guts

  1. Circe, do you have trypophobia? Anyway those suckers are gonna look awesome when it’s healed! Great work.

  2. was this not posted a week or so ago? i seem to recall that the first time, you also mentioned the pods being done with a 6g dermal punch?

  3. I’m soooo intrigued by scarification.
    i thought a few months ago or so there was a modblog post showing what happens to scarification over the years and showed that it spreads after a while. Not so much this scar, but a lot of the other ones that are really detailed and intricate designs, won’t they all be ruined within a few years? this confuses me. if someone could explain this, it’d be great

  4. Research the maturation phase of wound healing and skin remodeling.

    In summary the slow process entails the formation of even more collagen to strengthen the wounds, and then scar “remodeling” to break down excess collagen in the scar. Scar remodeling is what can change a thick, red, raised scar to a thin, flat, white scar over a period of months to years. During skin remodeling, the old damaged protein is removed and replaced with new collagen and elastin fibers. This removes scar tissue, restores skin elasticity, and reduces wrinkles.

  5. Pleeeeeease take good care of it and show us a healed piece
    I’m sure it will loook absolutely outstanding!

  6. Love it, it makes me itch but it’s gorgeous. Interested to see how it heals, I had a couple of cuttings of similar depth on that top part of my arms and the scarring really took off, it’s very raised and puffy even after 6 years, I hope this piece retains its definition better because those suckers are lovely, it’d be a shame to lose them.

  7. #18, this was on the scarwars.net blog last week. I think Brian said it was a 2mm dermal punch. That might be 6 gauge?

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