You Prefer a Gentleman

Well hey, here we have the only half-evil (if that) Mr_Hyde, checking in from old Italia, showing off, among other things, that handsome cutting on his stomach by Lewis from Trimur Tattoo, in photos by Jacopo Lorenzini. This photo? We’ve got a click-through. After the jump, one photo does and one doesn’t. Guess which is which! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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16 thoughts on “You Prefer a Gentleman

  1. ha, no need to be confused he’s uncircumsized and has beading on the forskin but I think that’d be too thin…so i’m going with it’s under it on his penis it I’m assuming or atleast thats what it looks like to me…plus a pa that’s been stretched.

  2. How refreshing to see an uncircumcised penis for a change, haha!
    Doesn’t look like he’s done anything to his foreskin Meg, the beading is along the shaft!

  3. What’s with the bandages on his neck?

    I like the uncirc penis too. Very nice.

    Quite a change.

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