Watered By Men

If there is one thing to which we have held fast and true during our tenure here, it has been our unabashed love of bizarre animal tattoos. We can’t explain it. There is no rationale we can provide. These absurd creations just tickle us in a way we can not entirely comprehend, but we are forever grateful to the people who tattoo them, who get them tattooed and who send them in—TwylaSue among them. It was he who submitted this glorious narwhal chestpiece many moons ago, and he has just checked in again (from deep within the confines of an actual mustard bottle, apparently) with some shots of his legs, this one featuring what appears to be some sort of, hmm, jackalope, maybe? It is, at any rate, something that most definitely should not be. After the jump, a five-eyed wolf (in progress) and some other goodies.

(Tattoos by Chris Caldwell, Tom Keeney, John Rippey and Erik Brooks at Classic Electric Tattoo in Frederick, Maryland..)

19 thoughts on “Watered By Men

  1. I’m not sure what it is about this piece.. perhaps the different styles, but it looks amazing.

  2. This is incredible. This is what I want! Haha. I’m gonna steal his legs and keep them for my own. =D

    An eclectic mix of all the best styles. Seriously, this guy has immaculate taste!!!

  3. these tattoos are amazing, the thematic cohesiveness that they are bringing together now is awesome

    and the content is super sweet.

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  5. These tattoos are AWESOME :D

    Especially the top one, the creature in a frame, its giving me lots of inspiration for my next piece :)

  6. It’s supposed to be a fox, although most of the time people either call it an anteater or a wolf.

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