A Word So Unheard-Of

We admit that, when it comes to various feats of genitalia modification, it can be a bit of a sausage-fest around these parts. The hoary old cliche is that, oftentimes, we lucky gentleman just more surface area with which to work, thereby providing for space with which to be creative and to experiment. This, of course, is not always the case, as demonstrated (this time) by this most impressive labia piercing ladder above, most piercings of which look to be, at the very least, well past the zero-gauge mark. Hey, organic knuckledusters? There’s a new kid in town. After the jump, we see, as the wearer explains, her “labia stretched so much that a new sort of piercing is possible: a ‘hanging Christina.’”

A typical Christina, of course, is a surface piercing that, depending on anatomy, runs from the top of the clitoral hood to somewhere along the pubic mound. The terrain here, obviously, has shifted a bit.

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60 thoughts on “A Word So Unheard-Of

  1. Wow! Impressive to say the least…but damn that must be a pain to shave….I have enough problems with an 8g christina orbital…. my hat is off to you miss!

  2. I just see Predator in that first picture… Like really see Predator… lol Pubic mound would be the forehead etc just yea… think about it.

  3. This takes quite a bit of dedication. It is not to my personal tastes, but in this instance my personal tastes don’t matter. It is obviously to her tastes. Admirable commitment to an aesthetic!

  4. I’m definitely impressed with the hair removal. But holy shit! Can you imagine her trying to have sex with all those rings in!?!

  5. I was just thinking more about this, and … Can she wear tight pants?? Like wouldn’t all the rings buldge? Also wouldn’t walking be uncomfortable? I would love to know the answers to these questions!!!

  6. I was thinking about this even more… and now I realize that she probably doesn’t wear rings in there most of the time since the would get in the way (or so I assume).

    Okay I’m done now.

  7. Wow. Really impressive. And I’m still wondering if I should get a Christina someday.
    I wonder if it’s confortable for this girl to have so many piercings…

  8. I wonder if she pops in some silicone tunnels for comfort on most days? Wow I’ve never seen anything like it. I can’t imagine my piercings at such a large gauge and those being rings….and i can’t stop looking at it.
    It’s just crazy awesome and I would LOVE some type of interview or more info about her pierings and her life around them.

  9. I thought my one inside labia and one VCH gauged to a 2 was large. I stand corrected and in awe at these photos of some truely time consuming stretching!!

  10. Really astounding. She must have had to wear the large jewelry with some consistency to get them to stretch that large though right? So like skirts all the time? I can’t imagine putting on form fitting pants would be an option. Do they jingle if she jogs? :3

  11. ow ow ow, I too must comment on intercourse, how does she do it? All sadism aside, that’s a new kind of uncomfortable. I wonder if she flops over from all that weight as well during the day. She must have some strong vaginal muscles after walking around all the time.

  12. I admire her commitment to the aesthetic, but the whole thing looks generally inconvenient and uncomfortable. Sex, running, all those kinds of things would be virtually impossible while wearing that jewelry. I’m sure she doesn’t wear it all the time, but even so.

    To be honest, I don’t find this attractive in the slightest.

  13. sweet! yeah i too am wondering if she jingles when she runs, haha.
    either way, thats pretty cool!

  14. #32 i cant imagine running with that jewelry in. I have 6 2gas downstairs and if im wearing loose gotch its painful to run!!

    They do look like healthy piercings, but not my choice for jewelry.

  15. Seems like sex would be more than possible with them in….being that it appears as though the rings are on their respective sides of the labia majora, so there’s really nothing “blocking” sex….

    That’s some serious dedication though it kinda freaks me out to imagine having that kind of modification done to myself O_o

  16. Perhaps it’s just because my thighs brush together when I walk (shaddup, cake is more important than beauty), but it seems like she’d have to walk AROUND those. I kinda wanna see a picture taken from a little farther back, of her just standing normally with her feet together.

  17. that is SO amazing looking!!! not at all practical for daily life, but its like a work of art, i LOVE it!

  18. I absolutely love modblog. Where else, when presented with these pictures, would the onlookers say “man that’s some sweet hair removal! How did she do that?” I’m not going to lie, I’m also in awe of the hairless-ness. Her skin isn’t irritated at all and there’s no little ingrown hairs! I’m fascinated by such smooth hair removal. I never get such awesome results. If she’d care to share the secret, I’d love to know.
    Unless the secret is amazing genes or something unattainable. Then I don’t want to know.

    And, forgive me if this is a given, but are those primarily weights for pleasure? I know people said she probably doesn’t wear them all the time, but I was just wondering if maybe the weights felt good somehow? Sorry if I’m overly curious!

  19. I think I recognise this chic from a movie out there in the interwebs, apparently she stretches under safe guidance from her husband – a traditional looking Austrian dude who sports a feather in his cap, & a pump action fist! I was amazed too when I first saw it, & yep if its her, she walks like a cowboy @ high noon! ^ ^

  20. Realy great,sexy, and exciting ;). I like it !

    Why all people are so ‘limited’. Sorry to inform you, but sex is not only a dick in a cunt, during 3 minutes, in a dark bedroom, like mom and daddy… ;)

  21. I agree #45! There are lots of ways to have sex. There are also lots of ways to kiss, blow your nose, walk, run, sit, etc…depending on the modifications you have. A lot of people with heavy mods have changed their normal habits to accommodate the mods they love so much. And a lot of times it doesn’t change what you’re doing much at all!

    I, personally, am jealous. I’ve wanted a set of large gauge outers for a few years, but my previous attempts didn’t work out too well.

    So I guess I’ll just end this with a resounding “BRAVO!!!”. Truly impressive. Totally hot. Ugh.

  22. Congrats to the wearer, I guess, but I can’t really say I like this
    I’d rather go with a smooth, nice, small labia

  23. -shock-

    Hats off to her for being incredibly bold, but..personally, as a lesbian, this makes me sad and a little grossed out. Hah.. Different strokes for different folks as they say.

  24. love it! so beautiful!! without jewelry, the piercings are perfect to slip 4 fingers in each side. talk about a good grip. :)

  25. i wonder precisely how much her jewelry weighs in total. the weight honestly seems like it would feel very very interesting, if not pleasant.

  26. wow, really impressive! I’d like to hear about all day compatibility. Does she (need to) change the jewelry, or is it comfortable with that one, and how, does it feel….

  27. FANTASTIC!! This is a truly extreme mod and I love it….them!! In response to all the ‘sex’ questions…….Where ther’s a will there’s a way!

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  29. incredibly hot; i agree that there should be an interview (if not with her, with another woman that has similar piercing and stretching going on). maybe i’m just jaded because it’s always a sausagefest, but this does seem to have gotten quite a reaction…

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