You Know Her Name

The last time we featured Brianna here on your old pal ModBlog, we got a pretty good look at her Nerd Life and BME tattoos, but weren’t really offered a similar vantage point of her Amaryllis flower shoulder tattoos by Tim Senecal at Pisst Fish in West Springfield, Massachusetts (who is also working on the aforementioned BME piece). Which, you know, is a shame, considering we love the placement, and they’re awfully pretty to boot. But hey, while the Internet may never forget, at least it lets us right our wrongs on occasion, so enjoy. A few more shots in different locations, after the jump.

(First and third photos by © Photo-a-Gogo, second by © Michael William.)

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25 thoughts on “You Know Her Name

  1. Ahahaha oh hey it’s my tits again. PS; The first and third shots are by my best friend ( and the second is by Michael (iam: MichaelWilliam)

  2. jojo, beauty is in face this womans life. and i’m pretty sure, that she’ll pick up nicer looking people than all of us can hope for. smoking though, eh. i used to smoke but after airborne school in the army, i stopped. she is still most beautiful. anyone know the address to chester peningtons tattoo shop out in arizone perchance? email me at [email protected] please. i’d love to get work done there. gracias.

  3. great tattoos , but the girl’s too skinny for me , beautifful face though , also the sigaret in first pic is misplaced !!
    srry i hate sigarets

  4. So why is it that when a modblog entry is posted on a dude, no matter how fat/hairy he is, everyone comments on his mods– but when a modblog entry is posted on a woman, everyone feels the need to critique her body and face?

    This is why I don’t send photos of my side and backwork to modblog.

  5. if anyone had bothered going to her iam page to lurk MOAR, they’d see that she’s in fact a gorgeous girl with a pretty face and sexy mods to boot. i have myself a bit of a girl crush :3

    not that i’m a stalker or anything :P

  6. Gorgeous girl, but the cigarette completely ruins the picture. Smoking is disgusting and will only make a beautiful girl like that very very ugly… which would be a damn shame.

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