CanvasLA Closing Sale!

I forgot to post about this on BME. CanvasLA is closing it’s doors after an amazing 2 year run. We were the only dedicated Tattoo Fine Art Gallery and Clothing Boutique in the world. Unfortunately it’s a very small market and we weren’t able to make ends meet so we decided it was better to go out with a bang while we had built a wonderful name for ourselves in the community.

We have tons of t-shirts and other tattoo related art for sale. All of the tshirts have been marked down to $20 dollars. We have lines like Rebel8, Me Against The World, The Seventh Letter and many more. All of the clothing is either designed by or made by Tattooers from around the world so please take advantage of the savings and stock up on shirts!

Thanks again for making CanvasLA what it became. We’re thrilled with everything we have been able to do over the years, like Bob Robert’s Solo show and the Horiyoshi III show that we were able to present to the community. I’m hoping that another gallery will be able to fill the shoes that CanvasLA left behind and give Tattooers a place to showcase their art beyond the skin. Thanks again for all of your support!

Click here for huge savings and visit our webstore!

Upcoming Events!

Tonight is a killer book release at CanvasLA from 8pm-11pm. It features the amazing artwork of Ichibay and Pint as well as live drawing by both artists. There are limited books available at the event, though we’re hoping to be able to get a couple copies for BME shop. So don’t miss out on this if you’re here in the Los Angeles area tonight.

I posted about Paul Booth’s upcoming Halloween event for the east coaster readers and I wanted to give the west coast a little love as well. If you’re in the San Jose area, don’t forget to check out the San Jose Tattoo Convention which is put on by State of Grace. Check out their internationally renowned attending artists lists and GO if you love anything about the art of tattooing and can make it out! It’s well worth it! Taki puts on an amazing show that focuses on the art of tattooing at his conventions without distractions of bands, MMA or BMX etc that other promoters add to their shows.

I wish I could make it up but I’ll be out in Las Vegas defending BME against the lawsuit that was filed AGAINST BME (not the other way around) after the plaintiff was found guilty of cybersquatting by a three-member panel, including an arbitrator that he hand-picked. He filed suit against us (not vice versa) and keeps trying to get us to pay him almost $100,000 for the domain.  If anyone wants to have a Vegas meet up this week, I’ll be there from Monday till Wednesday!

An Evening With Horiyoshi III Pre-Party: Now With Fancy Pictures!

As previously pimped on this here weblog, Canvas Los Angeles is playing host to a living exhibit of tattoo work by the great Horiyoshi III. Well, last night was a pre-party, and it went off like a goddamned rocket. Check out some more photos after the jump, and if you’re in L.A., tonight’s event ought to be a hoot.

Coming to Canvas LA: Horiyoshi III

Hey there, Los Angeles-area tattoo community folks! Got anything going on this coming Saturday, April 25? Well, you do now. That night, from 8-11 p.m., Canvas Los Angeles will be hosting An Evening With Horiyoshi III, the largest-ever American exhibit of the Irezumi tattoo master’s work. On display will be 10 full body suits, 50 original paintings and the unveiling of the all-new Horiyoshi The Third clothing line, featuring original designs by Horiyoshi himself. And, while the artist will unfortunately be unable to attend, his son, Kazuyoshi, will be on the premises tattooing.

Canvas LA will try to accommodate as many people as possible, but due to the unique nature of the evening, tattoo artists are being given a first crack at RSVP slots. If interested in attending, please e-mail the gallery at [email protected].

Fist Full Of Metal!

I was going to intro this video but due to its awesome magnitude, it needs no introduction. Plus I’m already in the video so why bother writing when I don’t have to!

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Brought to you by Canvas Los Angeles & Joe Capobianco.

Coming to Canvas LA: Fist Full of Metal

From the fine folks at Canvas LA:

MARCH 7th, 2009 8-11 PM
“Fist Full Of Metal”
The Art of the Jean Jacket

Please join us on Saturday, March 7th as we bring you Joe Capobianco’s “Fist Full Of Metal.” This 52 piece collection showcases what’s possible when you give tattoo artists a chance to go back 20 years, when the Denim Jacket was all that mattered. Giving nod to a time when the parking lot was the only party, these hand paint jackets and vests are an offering to the Heavy Metal gods themselves.

Art Theft

Canvas Los Angeles, the boutique and gallery of the tattooer arts, was robbed on December 12th. Thankfully, none of the gallery’s staff were injured, but sadly, two pieces of artwork were stolen. The two pieces stolen were by Alex Garcia and Guy Aitchison.

This was a truly despicable act. It’s a violation, pure and simple, without any justification whatsoever, and it’s an insult to both the art and tattoo communities. Theft of any sort is inexcusable, but when you steal work from an artist, you steal the thing they produce, and you rob them of their livelihood.

What we want more than anything else is simply for these pieces to be returned. If those responsible for this theft bring the paintings back, or if they are otherwise returned unharmed, Canvas LA will not press charges. All we want is for the pieces to be returned to the gallery — this is really just a matter of supporting our community, plain and simple.

“Minty Fresh Death” is oil on masonite while “AutoMech #2″ is acrylic on canvas. Both paintings are approximately 8×10 and were framed at the time they were stolen. Please keep an eye out on eBay and anywhere else you may see art for sale or displayed, and report anything you see to [email protected]. Thank you all for your help and support.