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I was lucky enough to not have had a mouthful of water when I got to this submission. Crazyamerican just looks so cool and comfortable. He’s just sitting there on his leather couch, maybe watching tv, maybe there is a big bowl of cheetos out of the frame. I’m not sure what it is.


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So I’m sure you’re thinking, what was so funny about the submission? It’s the simplicity of the caption. Like it isn’t a big deal to be lugging around a big wiener. Everyone has one right? Maybe I’m just too easily amused.

“0g lobes, 10g nipples, 7″ hard on


83 thoughts on “Blank Slate

  1. That made me laugh too! There’s something about his pose and his face that reminds me of classical paintings, like something you’d see in the Sistine Chapel. But, y’know, with more erect penis.

  2. Ummm…. I don’t get it why he’s naked? Is there a piercing on his testicles inside the scrotum? Weird. Maybe the whole dick is a body modification, and he used to be a woman?

  3. I doubt Sir_Vicious would be complaining if this were a lightly-modified yet naked woman.

    This photo is excellent.

  4. we all no its just sum kid with 10mm whois gonna be on iam for coup-le weeks till he gets remvoed for not uploadin enough pics

  5. mods are light..but who doesnt like a pretty face with a junk bonus?..personally I dont feel my day is complete untill Ive laid my peepers on a nice set of testicles..but thats just me….( 5 points extra for a glimse of gouiche)

  6. Sir_Vicious, oh shut up, god forbid there be nudity or body parts showing that aren’t modified.

    Possessed’s comment made me laugh

  7. I think it is funny that no one thinks it weird when women are unnecessarily naked. But, if there is going to be a wang, it damn well better be modified, otherwise I refuse to look at it.

    double standard.

  8. “maybe there is a big bowl of cheetos out of the frame” – this made me realize how much i crave them. i went out and bought a big bag haha.

    but he sure does have a nice member.

  9. i love how all guys have just got so defensive “thats not huge” blah blah blah and all that. but a picture of a girl and there on it with the compliments, i really think girls on bme also compliment females pictures more than they do find petty faults with them ;)

  10. “we all no its just sum kid with 10mm whois gonna be on iam for coup-le weeks till he gets remvoed for not uploadin enough pics” -Dean

    Just because someone isn’t heavily modified doesn’t mean they’re some kind of “poser.” Everyone starts and stops at different levels where they feel they have achieved what they wanted. Who knows? Maybe he can actually spell, whereas you are obviously too stupid or lazy to do so.

  11. “chicken legs?! what? are they supposed to be as big around as his waist?” yes. mine are like 30″ around at the top of the thigh. each. have cock, be manly.

  12. not gonna lie: when i first saw his picture, i was totally unimpressed because he looked lame… and then the clickthrough changed my mind. you go, wannabe modelman. you go.

  13. holy crap. this shocked me. i just didn’t expect to open the click through and see him totally naked. haha. not that’d be something new on bme – i just didn’t expect it. haha. but yeah he is one handsome guy. but i, too, think he should be a little more modified to be on here, you know?

  14. i knew when i clicked through there would be cock but this picture blew my mind, i absolutely love it. it’s so soft, gentle and mild, what with the small amount of piercings. thank you, rachel, there should be more posts like this.

  15. I think the problem is, that without mods on his penis, this just became pornographic. I’m definately no prude, but i wouldn’t have thought this was the place for it.

  16. while i agree that this is probably more of a porn pic than it is a mod pic,
    i’m not going to complain too much. if there’s one thing i like better than mods, it’s dick.
    i’m just saying.

    and you’re right. the caption does make it funny.

  17. There are so many comments to agree or disagree with.
    1. This is Body Modification Ezine, where its supposed to be an online community for the modified. It doesnt say for the heavily modified or the extreme or your personal vision of what you consider worth modification status. From what I see in this picture are nipple piercings and streched lobes. I’m pretty sure both of those are modifications, and some people would consider those “hard core”.
    2. To go along with the “not your vision” theme, who says hes too pretty/too skinny/too pale/too anything. People have their personal tastes. Its cool if your comment was specific such as saying you dont like it for something, but who gave anyone the right to say he wasnt whatever someone else might consider he is. The comments about his “skinny legs” are my biggest example. Maybe you consider them skinny but someone else doesnt. So why leave a comment about it? It doesnt even pertain to the mods.
    3. Last of course is the ridiculous double standard of nudity. Countless pictures of beautiful girls with mods nowhere near thier boobs, and yet they are topless. Not that I’m complaining. The human body is beautiful and looking at pictures of what I consider very pretty ones is great and I dont give a shit if its male or female. Also mod blog is supposed to be a taste of everything on BME. Which includes things like BME/hard. I believe there is a section about modified people at play? I’m pretty sure this would qualify.
    ok done ranting

  18. Elizabeth, you heteronormative little… :D Just kidding. If it were a lightly modified yet naked-without-a-reason woman, I wouldn’t have even clicked through. :P
    Maybe I’m a little conservative (HAH), but I don’t understand the context this picture should be processed in.

  19. hey guys – it looks like he has a PA piercing with no jewelry in it – does anyone else see this or is it just my wishful thinking?

    what all of you may not realize is that appearing in this blog is probably very empowering for this guy. I expect we will see more from him in the future with more mods. don’t run him off just because he hasn’t progressed as far as some of us have. let’s be inclusive and give this guy some respect….

    crazyamerican – thanks for the cool pic!

  20. I stared at this photo looking for some implants or something, then realised there wasn’t. Then the sadder realisation that I’d spent a good 2 minutes staring at a guy’s cock.

  21. this is cheap….why hasn´t anybody told me that BME died and transformed to a site about beautiful people and how awesome brazilia is ???? shiiiiiiittt….. R.I.P. BME

  22. be he non heavy modded, homosexual, non vaginal, anglo sans brasil, or whatev else others are griping about…
    he’s quite handsome. and he’s modded. and he’s naked. and he’s, well, erm. nicely hung?
    ayuh, that’s the stuff.
    maybe it’s nice to see a pretty boy everynow and then.

    (now I must go and wipe up the trickle o’ drool.)

  23. Ok, so now I totally feel like a ‘dirty old lady’ for even commenting on this, but he’s just TOO delectable not to comment. Totally gorgeous guy – and lovely pic.

    To those who are bitching and moaning, stuff it. Seriously. This is not a ‘who’s more modified’ contest. And remember, ModBlog is FREE. So go please go someplace else to bitch (Craigslist, maybe?) and let those of us who enjoy ModBlog enjoy more shots like this. If a particular picture isn’t your taste, fine – don’t friggin’ look at it! Or maybe send in some of your OWN pics.

    And did I happen to mention that this great picture of this luscious young man is permanently embedded in the forefront of my mind? I did? I’ll say it again.

    Oh and yeah, he does have a very nice weiner. Not that I make it a habit or anything to stare at the junk of young guys…..

  24. Clearly, some of you have penis envy so instead you are playing “WELL, I HAVE MORE MODS THAN HIM!”

    I’d rather see someone with a couple of nice piercings than someone with a dozen shitty piercings that are badly placed / cluttered / using the wrong jewelry / etc. And if there’s nakedness, that’s just a nice bonus. He’s gorgeous.

  25. Meh. Not what I expected. Thats all really. Neither here nor there.

    However, if we’re going to talk about double standards how about guys topless vs girls topless. Anywho, the first picture made me think I was dreaming. Most of the 2nd pic did too, but then meh.

  26. Why is gratuitous (sp?) nudity a bad thing in this day and age?

    To be honest the first thing that popped into my head was twighlight!! I guess it might make it more interesting.

  27. Hahal, all the comments make me giggle. If it makes you feel better I used to have two frenums but I didn’t like how the piercer placed them and retired them with plans for a new ladder. I just haven’t been able to do such with my situation in the past year or so.

    Thank you all for the nice comments. As for the angry ones, whatever, smoke a bowl and chill out.


  28. xD All I thought when I realized he was naked was “Wait, wait! Let it be a nice one…YES!”

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