You need to get to L.A. soon

Tomorrow night is the gala opening for The Known Gallery‘s showing of Irezumi Bijin: Works by Kaname Ozuma and Horiyoshi III

Tattoo Hollywood and Known Gallery are also hosting a once in a lifetime opportunity to view works by Kaname Ozuma and Horiyoshi III, appropriately titled:  Irezumi Bijin.  If you were at the Tattoo Hollywood convention last week you had the opportunity to get a sneak peek at the works by these brilliant artists.  Tomorrow night the show begins and will be running until Sept. 18th.  I urge you to do whatever is in your power to get to Los Angeles and see this show before it is gone for good.


Opening Reception: Thursday August 26th, 2010 | 8pm-11pm
Show Runs: August 26th – September 18th

Known Gallery
441 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036

About the artists:

Kaname Ozuma

Born in Niigata, Japan in 1939, Ozuma Kaname began studying traditional Japanese painting under his uncle, artist Sakai Soushi, from a young age. Moving to Tokyo at the age of 18, he trained as an art dealer while working at a printing company. Afterwards, he moved on to the publishing industry where he illustrated tattoos. The majority of his work continues to be tattoo-related along with other traditional Japanese themes; and often serves as a source of inspiration for master tattooist Horiyoshi III, whose clients in turn, are often depicted in Ozuma’s paintings.

Horiyoshi III

Born Yoshihito Nakano in 1946, Horiyoshi III is the second tattooist to be bestowed the honorific title—the tattooist affixation “Hori” means engrave—in a line started by his master, the legendary tattoo artist Yoshitsugu Muramatsu, or Shodai Horiyoshi of Yokohama (Muramatsu went on to dub his son Horiyoshi II, and later Nakano was named Horiyoshi III).  His images are classical Japanese woodblock print motifs such as the phoenix, dragon, snakes, tigers, samurai warriors, Buddhist gods to name a few as well as background images of waves, clouds and various flowers. Among Horiyoshi III’s published works are 36 Ghosts, 108 Heroes of the Suikoden, 100 Demons, and The Namakubi (severed heads), 100 Dragons and 58 Warriors. Horiyoshi’s artistic genius and generosity of spirit have had a defining impact on the world of tattooing, taking it to new levels in this new century.

I’m definitely trying to put plans together to put myself on the road again sometime before the show ends just so I can check it out.  Who knows, maybe I’ll see you there.

7 thoughts on “You need to get to L.A. soon

  1. it’s shitty watching modblog, bme and iam being turned from something that was created out of passion for the art and lifestyle turn into passion for money.

    people involved in these online communities are dropping out of them like flies, and the people in charge don’t care at all. criticism keeps getting voiced, and no one tries to listen and fix it, but instead just desperately tries to justify it.
    i’m gonna love seeing how spamming the iam members about this show is justified. but we’ll likely not hear a thing about it. like the world tour. like usual.

  2. and thanks for the heads up, Rob.

    i can totally understand K’s issues with BME, but it is completely misplaced in this thread.

  3. Passion for money? We would have to question first of all whether or not they even gain money for such things – this is not a BME convention I do not believe (and BME conventions would naturally be something you would *want* to advertise), so its whether or not they are being paid to advertise for a convention.. Personally, I don’t care – as a person that is pretty damned far from the convention and has no ability to get there, I still find it interesting to hear about major events and major artists.

    However, if its such a big problem with people maybe it should be looked at simply making a separate thing like “BME Events”? You could easily link a few on the main page and it wouldn’t be intrusive at all.

    I definitely see modblog changing, but it seems to be moving away from an almost fetishistic posting style to promoting actual discussion of posted content.

  4. This is, first of all, 100% relevant to the Bod Mod community. Secondly, Known Gallery is affiliated with us.

    Thirdly, “K” mentions spamming of IAM members. This was 100% an accident as emails went to the wrong email list and Rachel apologized for this error. It was certainly not intentional. Unfortunately mistakes happen and no one is perfect.

    Just like we’ve promoted BMEfest and ModProm, we’ll continue to promote events that BME is involved in on our blog. I’m sure anyone with a blog who was doing an event would do the same. Or at least, I would hope so!

  5. I don’t mind events like these being on Modblog because it *is* about body modification. For example, I really like this event because it reminds us that some tattoo artists are not just about skin and ink but are amazing artists on canvas as well. If I lived anywhere near, I’d probably go and check it out.

    But I agree with K – people are leaving the community. People feel left out. Modblob/BME has become very impersonal. For me, I wonder where the updates are. What about the BME World Tour? What about Tattoo Hollywood? There is no feedback so people lose interest. Not even on her iam blog does she mention anything else about Tattoo Hollywood.

    Also, it would’ve been great if there was a competition where someone could have won tickets to Tattoo Hollywood – free VIP tickets or something. That would get the community interested again AND you would get someone who would hopefully write something about it and people would read it and on goes the cycle.

    Seriously, now that I think about it some more, whatever happened to BME World Tour? Where are the interviews and the pictures?

  6. ….You know, I’m agreeing with NaNa. It never struck me how bloody long its been since I saw a world tour post till I read that. I even went and double checked that – the last mention we have is a preview video that was posted back on July 17th.


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