A simple note

Looking down at the last post, you can see just how powerful a modification can be.  Trash’s facial branding is both a testament to his faith, but also his dedication to modifying himself.

Yet sometimes something small can have just as powerful an impact on a person as something large.

Take music for example, when you think of a song, so many emotions can be evoked.  Happiness, sadness, the entire emotional spectrum is covered by some form of music.  Yet when it comes down to the basics, music can simply be described as an arrangement of notes.  Think of your favorite song, more than likely it would only take one or two notes for you to recognize it if you heard it on the radio.  Those one or two notes is all it can take for you to not only recognize the song, but to also evoke whatever feelings you have when listening to it.  Now try to imagine that same piece of music, but with a single note changed.  Depending on the note and the arrangement, that single note can transform a song into something completely new, which in turn can evoke an entirely different emotional reaction.

To some, those single notes can affect them so deeply that the music can become part of their identity as a person.  IAM: Sado_Erotique entitled this photo “Identity”, which shows just how much music, even a single note, is important to some of us.

This particular image is from the music tattoo gallery.

9 thoughts on “A simple note

  1. Mate you need to do your research that’s a treble clef or g clef not a music note . And 2 notes arnt going to help you identify anything unless its 2 distinctive notes with distinctive timing .2 bars of music , even 2 chords not notes . This D&M bullshit every post has to stop . Stop reading into everything so much and just talk about the mods , especially things you have no idea about

  2. @Gilly: Not at all. Just going from the simplicity of the tattoo to how the smallest changes in a piece of music can affect how one perceives it.

  3. I LOVE the heart and brain tattoos. I recently had to make hard decisions and I was torn between both, and I chose brain, after choosing heart in a previous matter quite similar.
    This tattoo is brilliantly original, unlike the treble clef, even though it’s nice.

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