It’s-a-me! Mario!

Sure when he first appeared in Donkey Kong he was just a simple construction worker, but as time went on, he became the lovable plumber we all know today.  From his humble upbringing in New York, this Italian Stallion of a plumber quickly rose to the top of his profession.  As his success grew, he was able to take his brother Luigi under his wing and open up Mario Bros Plumbing.  Then one day, a call came in that would change the lives of the brothers forever.  While fixing a major plumbing emergency at a low-rise in Brooklyn, the brothers were sucked into a giant pipe trapping them forever in the mushroom kingdom.  To many this would be a disaster, but these plucky heroes took up the mantle of champions, and became the protectors of the land.  For over 20 years Mario and Luigi have been saving the lives of the residents of the kingdom, as well as providing the rest of us back in the real world a source of inspiration.

Take this tattoo for example.  As the start of a sleeve dedicated to Mario, it shows just how important this immortal plumber has become to the world he was stolen from all those years ago.


10 thoughts on “It’s-a-me! Mario!

  1. I looooove this tattoo. It’s so great ! There’s nothing i could say against this tattooo (:

  2. Best mario tattoo on this site and very well drawing imo!
    can’t see any bad things here..and i don’t think that it’s finsihed yet.

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