I’ve started so I’ll finish

Growing up in my house we had a number of board games.  One in particular I remember was a game called Mastermind.  The game itself was fairly straight forward, and it involved guessing a sequence of colored pegs in a given number of rounds.  What always struck me as odd was the game’s box.  On the cover was an older gentleman with a beard sitting before a mirrored table with a woman standing behind him.  It probably was intended to evoke some form of James Bond villain scenario.  So seeing this picture of the lovely IAM: Jea made me think of that old game.  I’m sure some will argue but as awesome as dudes with beards are, I’d rather have Jea sitting across the table from me than some golden gun wielding nemesis.  What about you?

4 thoughts on “I’ve started so I’ll finish

  1. i know what i want for xmas now!! my own Jea! she is beautiful, and i agree, she needs to be in the calendar!

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