Can’t stop the chops

When it comes to facial hair, chops seem to get the short end of the stick.  So much time is spent on the mighty beard, and with the resurgence of the mo even less time is spent discussing chops.  Which is a shame really.  Think about it, chops have been present throughout history on some of the baddest of badasses.  Every civil war hero seems to have had them, and what would Wolverine be like without his chops?  Just a wise cracking badass having a bad hair day.  It’s the chops that make his awesome level go through the roof.

Thankfully there are still guys like Demon280z who are still proud to rock the chops.  He’s also showing off his 1 1/4″ lobes and what looks like a pair of lip rings.

4 thoughts on “Can’t stop the chops

  1. It looks like he has a bridge piercing too. I love that hair color on men, I’ll take chops over a “hearty” beard any day.

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