The Boy or The Car?

For some reason most car magazines seem to always have a girl in skimpy clothes splayed out on the hood of whatever car they’re featuring.  This naturally leads to the question of what do you like more, the girl or the car?  So, here’s a picture of Travis and a DeSoto.  Is it the pierced BMEBoy that tickles your fancy?  Or is it the classic car?

22 thoughts on “The Boy or The Car?

  1. I just have to point out, like NexiZydrate, that his name is Travi, not Travis. Strange I know… but he did get to bone Katy Perry after all! I’d take him over that washed up STD Russel Brand anyday.

  2. +1 “I would like the boy to be inside the car and to be viewing the whole thing from the passenger seat”

    Beautiful photo!

  3. I prefer seeing the Car and the Owner of the car that put all the love and care into making it the piece of work that it is. I could care less if there’s a hot girl or guy if they don’t at least own the car.
    It’s damn sexy though if it’s a hot girl or boy and they also are the mechanic <3

  4. I’m thinking it’s just someone submitting photos pretending they are him as to get a free membership.
    I could also submit a photo of Carrot Top sitting on a fucking trike but should that make him a BMEBoy, I think not.

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