BMEBoys are fascinating!

This eyebrow raising young man submitted his photos under the name “withoutmer”, and said that his tattoos include Silver Mt Zion neck tattoos, and a quote from The Crow on his chest.

Thanks to how the new galleries work, his photo can be found in several galleries, all relevant to his mods.  So look for him in the face and neck tattoo, lettering tattoo, music tattoo, and ear stretching galleries.

21 thoughts on “BMEBoys are fascinating!

  1. why is it always that when somebody is a BME boy or girl that they have a “great” body.
    There always thin and in lie but never a more filled out person.
    For a community that is so diverse and wide I think that’s a really big shame.

    This is not A rant to Bash withoutmer, Just my 2 cents

  2. And with filled out I mean a little bit more body density.

    (Shameless Plug) Somebody like me for instance (End of Shameless Plug)

  3. @Ralex: Wait until you see tomorrow’s BMEBoys and Girl.

    Also, if you want to be featured, submit your photos to BME. I try to post BMEBoys and Girls of all shapes and sizes, but I can’t really post someone when they don’t send in photos. That goes for everyone. If you go back into the archives, you’ll see that I’ve posted “bigger” people whenever they send in great quality photos. Not to single her out, but Adhara has been featured several times, and she’s a beautiful woman who happens to be not skinny.

  4. Wow, he’s so gorgeous and I’m loving the quote and the tattoos. Mmmmmm.

    @Rob, I think you do a good job of posting a variety! Adhara is gorgeous! When I get more work done I’ll cross my fingers and hope I make the cut someday! haha 🙂

  5. I would also appreciate a little more flesh, but don’t go overboard! No one wants to see someone who looks like they have cascading rolls of flesh completely melting off them! And don’t give me that crap about being stereotyped and me being bigotted, you’re unhealthy if you’re obese. Just as unhealthy as an overly skinny person. Wah wah.

  6. Really, Jon? Really? I didn’t know we had a standard of “health” before people get their pictures posted on Modblog. Guess we’d better run a full physical and get everyone’s diet and exercise diaries for the last six months, oh, and don’t forget the full drug and alcohol screening. What a load of BIGOTED shit. Fuck your concern trolling bullshit and fuck approving offensive, idiotic comments like the last one.

  7. hey Jon, know what else is unhealthy? being a huge and irreversible dick. take your close-minded bullshit elsewhere. anybody else ever encounter someone they just know would’ve been better as an abortion?

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