..In with the new

If you recall, we kicked off this year with a post featuring subboez‘s DIY circumcision.  Well, it’s been a while, so let’s check in and see how things are healing up.  But before we get to the healed picture, here is his foreskin which he kept by drying it out in a tube.

To see the healed photo, you’ll have to keep on reading.

You can check out more photos, including procedural shots in the male circumcision gallery.

13 thoughts on “..In with the new

  1. Wow, what an amazing job. DIY circumcision can go wrong in so many awful ways. It looks very professional! (And yummy, but that’s neither here nor there.)

  2. >> Cool penis

    That’s his penis =/

    Nah I’m kidding, but yea it does look like a pen melted witha lighter

  3. im really suprised this haled up as well as it did. I was really skeptical especially when i saw the piece of straw in his ampallang..

  4. that’s healed really well. i’m slightly worried by the straw/pen thing however!!

    what’s wrong with “proper” jewellery?

  5. 🙁
    Somehow circumcision is the only mod I really dislike…but it’s the penis owner’s decision, huh^^

  6. So, now someone can actually tell us if they think sex feels better with a foreskin or without.

  7. Good to see a consenting adult being circed, instead of a baby who has no choice in the matter. Even though I am VERY against circumcision as a whole, I prefer to see an informed decision made by the owner of the penis rather than the parents, leave your boys intact and let them decide! More room to mod down the road anyway haha.

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