Breaking away from the ordinary

Hi everyone, I’m back from my wilderness retreat and I come bearing gifts.  From the cold frigid air of St. Petersburg, Russia, the #Leeds suspension crew makes it a point to break away from the mold when it comes to suspension photography.  Now don’t ask me how this photo was obtained, as I have it on good authority that the last person to cross the #Leeds crew is still hanging from hooks somewhere in Siberia.

The ModBlog margins don’t do this photo justice at all.  There’s such a contrast between the calm expression on his face and the chaos of the cords shattering behind him, that the only way to appreciate it is by going to the #Leeds Suspension team gallery.

3 thoughts on “Breaking away from the ordinary

  1. Tobias, we still have only several shots from that set.
    Will get em and upgrade it soon, in a few days i hope.

    actually, i can say that it is not a snow or some/
    this strange effect was obtained by our photographers using light and.. i don’t know, really! it should be pure magic! :D
    the shot was done in a photostudio where we hold on some of our suspensions.

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