Fundraising for The Illustrated Penguin

It makes me not just sad but so angry that I have to make this post. Jason, who you may know as “The Illustrated Penguin” (who has been featured here on ModBlog a few times — here’s a small selection of posts: 1, 2 3) has been in and out of the hospital for a pre-existing kidney condition, with the hospital stay adding new infections to the mix. Because it’s the United States, being sick has brutalized him financially, and he’s in rough shape, so his friends are putting together a fundraiser, which you can find on Facebook here: This is going to be capped off with a benefit show in Portland, currently planned for Portland on September 15th. Join that Facebook group to stay up to date, and of course either Rob or I will post updates to ModBlog.

If you’d like to help out, you can PayPal him directly (please set it as “gift” to avoid additional fees) at [email protected] (sorry, I can’t risk linking it from here due to Paypal’s shaky relationship with BME). Jewelry companies and anyone else who might be able to help out with an online auction to raise funds should contact Hilary at [email protected] (or track her down on Facebook at Any support no matter how small is appreciated.

Finally, let me wrap this with a fun video to remind you what a wonderful character and unique performer Jason is:

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