2 weeks to go!

The BME New Year’s Eve party is only TWO WEEKS AWAY!  If you haven’t been to a BME event yet, this is the perfect time to come.  BME events are a great place to meet new friends, and catch up with older ones.  We’ll have food and drinks for everyone, but just the basics (hot dogs, burgers, soda, etc), so if you want to bring food go right ahead.  As usual there will be a big bonfire and fireworks, plus the usual BME shenanigans.  There’s plenty of room to set up a tent, and a bunch of hotels just down the street (click here for a map of the area) if you don’t feel like camping.

During the day there will be people on hand to facilitate suspensions.  Over the past year of BME events quite a few people have suspended, many for their first time, and all of them have talked about how great the experience is.  And even if you aren’t planning on suspending, you’re going to have a lot of fun.  BME parties at BMEHQ have had a pretty big impact on people, I can’t remember who said it, but someone described coming home from the party was like coming home from summer camp.

The fun begins during the day on New Year’s Eve, so come on down.  The event page has been set up and will have all the details as it gets closer to the party.  Plus if you need a ride, or can offer one, that’s the perfect place to set something up.

Come on down to BMEHQ

That’s right.. this new year’s eve you could spend it at home on the couch, watching Snooki get lowered in the giant ball, hoping ever so much that the ball malfunctions and plummets to the earth.  Or you could come down to Richmond, Virginia and celebrate it with BME!  It’s all about meeting new people, and catching up with old friends.  Having fun as only BME knows how.  Plus NYE is on a Saturday night this year, making it even easier to make the drive/fly to BMEHQ.

Fireworks, bonfires, food and drinks, suspensions,  we’ll have it all.  You’re more than welcome to bring your own food/drink as we’ll only be covering the basics (hotdogs, burgers, soda, etc).  It’s just a short drive away from King’s Dominion in Virginia, which conveniently has a hotel right next door.  So book a room now, or if you want to stay at BMEHQ you’re welcome to bring a tent, but remember it will be January.  Last year was so much fun and the whole BME team is looking forward to seeing all of you there.  We’ll put out more details the closer we get to New Year’s Eve, so start making those travel plans.

Oh, and here’s a picture of some ducks Tobias took at this summer’s BMEFest.  You can see more photos in the BMEFest photo gallery.

We’re doing it again!! BME NYE 2012!!

Back by popular demand is the BME New Year’s Eve Party!!!  As the weeks progress I’ll be able to share more and more information, but for now, here’s the stuff you need to know..

When: New Year’s Eve

Where:  BME HQ – Located close to King’s Dominion in Virginia (Outside Richmond)

Now, for those of you making the drive down here’s some things to know.  Camping is allowed on the property, however keep in mind it’ll be December 31st so bring a warm sleeping bag.  For those not interested in camping, simply look up any of the hotels near King’s Dominion and make a reservation.  Like other BME Events at BME HQ some food will be provided, although it will just be the basics, burgers, dogs, and soda.  If you want/need anything specific, feel free to bring it with you, and if you want, bring extra to share.

I’ll have more to share as the planning goes into full effect, but for now here’s a short video from last year’s party.

Please note:  Jumping into, through, or around the fire is strictly prohibited.  Which means I will NOT be doing a repeat of last year’s incident.

We’re looking forward to seeing some familiar faces, as well as any new ones, so mark off your calendar and make your reservations today!

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Just use the code 30offbme when you check out!

Rites of Passage

A couple of weeks back Rites of Passage held their annual gathering in the woods of Massachusetts.  The ROP BBQ is a weekend unlike any other.  All of the suspensions are held outdoors with some of the best scenery you can imagine.  This year Allen Falkner brought his camera along and made this short film that gives you a taste of what happened.  After watching the video, head on over to the ROP BBQ galleries to see photos from this year’s BBQ, as well as images from previous years.

BMXnet Conference 2011

Every year the gang at BMXnet.org get together to hold their annual conference.  This year’s conference is being held in Essen, Germany the weekend of October 14th, with events starting on Thursday Oct 13th.  There are still a number of spots available, so if you’re able to attend, register as soon as you can.

The list of classes hasn’t been posted yet, but going by the speaker list, you can expect seminars from the likes of Allen Faulkner, Steve Haworth, Ron Garza, Dan Dringenberg, Havve and Christiane from Wings of Desire, Gabor Zagyvai, Swasi Dan, Paul King, and many many more.   This is a fantastic opportunity to learn from some of the world’s finest modification artists, at a reduced rate.  Because admission gets you into all of the classes, you’ll be able to see seminars that would normally cost quite a bit individually.  These seminars are all on top of the regular classes on everything from piercing techniques to anthropology, laser tattoo removal to store management, and so much more.  In addition all classes will be offered in both English and German.

In addition there will also be a large number of vendors and exhibitors, your food is included in the price, and you’ll get to stay at the wonderful Unperfekthaus, a former convent turned into an art project house.

Just click here to register, and start packing your bags for Germany.  Oh and while you’re waiting, check out some of the stories that have come from past BMXnet conferences.

Event: Author and photographer Ina Saltz in NYC

I just received the following press release and I’m passing it along to you fair readers.  Should you  be in New York City, you may want to check this out.  Please feel free to write in with any photos and your impressions of the event if you do check it out.

Ina Saltz on Tattoos, Flash Art, Intellectual Property Rights, and Insights Into the Art of Tattoos

Join author and photographer INA SALTZ for a behind-the-scenes look into the ever-expanding world of typographic or intellectual tattoos (including a sneak peek at images Ina is collecting for BODY TYPE 3!). Amazing photographs of those who have chosen to represent their deepest feelings with the indelible permanence of ink embedded under their skin will be shown, and the powerful stories behind the tattoos will be told. Ina has been documenting typographic tattoos since 2003, when she first spotted a tattoo of the word happy in lowercase, 120-point Helvetica on a graphic designer while traveling on a cross-town bus in New York City.

Thursday, July 21, 2011
from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Pratt Institute Manhattan
144 W. 14th Street, Room 213
New York City
Between 6th and 7th Avenues

Sponsored by Graphic Artists Guild NY Chapter.

$20 members, $30 non-members, $10 student/senior members, $15 non-member students and seniors. Free to Pratt students, faculty & staff.

For more information on Ina, visit: www.bodytypebook.com

To register, or for more information about this event, visit:


or Graphic Artists Guild NY Chapter:


Hanging out at BMEFest 2011

We’re starting to get pictures from BMEFest 2011 sent into the galleries, and this first one comes from Tobias and it features his very first suspension.  Cere from ROP facilitated the suspension, but he wasn’t alone in helping Tobias get off the ground.  With the support of everyone around, especially that of the photographer, Miss McShady, Tobias managed to get in the air and had an incredible experience.  This photo below sums up not only his suspension, but also the general vibe of the weekend.  Good friends enjoying the company of others, and having a lot of fun.

Oh, and in case you’ve never been to a BME event before, this close-up should give you an idea of just what kind of fun was had.

Yes, that is a double ended dildo.

Keep an eye out for more photos from the party!

BMEFest 2011 – All you need to know!

So the weekend is fast approaching and you’re probably thinking to yourself, “self, what am I going to need to bring to BMEFest 2011?”  Well think no more as this post should hopefully answer all your questions!

First thing’s first.  The party is from Saturday afternoon until Monday morning.  Now seeing as how it’s taking place in Virginia, just North East of Richmond, it’s going to be HOT.  That means you’ll need to bring:


We’ll probably be spending most of the weekend either in the pool or on a slip’n'slide, so make sure you come prepared.  To help people cool off, we’ll have a Sno-Cone machine handy!

Now, because there is a lot of space available for camping, we’re expecting quite a few people to pitch some tents.  Obviously if you’re camping you’ll need to bring your own toiletries.  The plan is to get an outdoor shower set up, so you can keep yourself clean.

We all have to eat, and Rachel is going to be picking up the basics, burgers (beef, veg, and chicken), eggs and bacon (real and fake), salads (greens, pasta, and potato) and some veggies (corn on the cob, etc).  Drinks will also be there, but again, it’ll be limited to soda and water.  For the bonfire we’ll have smores!  If you’re 21+ you’re welcome to bring your own alcohol, but no sharing with the minors! Now this probably won’t be enough to feed everyone, so if you have suggestions on food that we should pick up, let us know now!  You’re also more than welcome to bring extra food along to share.  For the vegans, we’ll have separate grills, but we also need some suggestions on vegan friendly BBQ foods.

For those of you who are attached to electricity for some odd reason, power will be available for those camping.  There is also very limited internet available, but it has a daily cap on bandwidth, so only use it for emergencies.  Besides, we’re all going to be there, so there’s no need to check IAM for messages.

Weather wise, Virginia is hot and humid.  It’s also a little unpredictable.  Rachel was telling me earlier in the week that one afternoon it was 95 and humid one minute, then pouring rain the next.  So again, be prepared for anything!

The actual address will be sent out later in the week to all those who have RSVP’d on the event page.  If you’ve had a problem signing up, it will also be posted on the event page on Friday.  For those trying to sign up but are having problems, newer browsers aren’t liking the old IAM code, however, Internet Explorer and Safari do seem to be working.

I’ll be keeping this post near the top of ModBlog for the rest of the week, so feel free to use the comment section as a way to post questions or suggestions, and don’t forget to use the event forum as well.  There are a few people offering rides and others in need of rides for the weekend.

Don’t wait!  Sign up for BMEFest 2011 right now!!

Come hang with us!

4 days to go before BMEFest 2011!  I think everyone knows by now how much I’m looking forward to the bouncy castles, obstacle course and slip’n'slide (3 lanes!), yet there is so much more going on.  The party begins on Saturday, but if you show up Friday night, that’s alright as well.  There is a LOT of room for tents, while there are hotels a short distance away, sleeping in a tent will probably save you some money.  Of course there will be a big bonfire, and no I won’t be jumping into this time.  I singed enough of my beard off last time for me to even think about doing it again.

Now, one of the many awesome things happening over the weekend is we have Cere from ROP facilitating both suspensions and pulls.  Along with Cere, some of the other practitioners include ChrisB, TrickyDick, and Brian, as well as many others who work alongside these guys.  Now if you’re thinking about suspending, feel free to get in touch with Cere ahead of time.  He will be bringing extra supplies to facilitate pulls and suspensions for those who don’t get in touch with him, but letting him know ahead of time lets him estimate a bit better.  Now supplies do cost these guys, so they’ll be asking for a minimum donation of $150 for suspensions, and 60 for pulls.  One of the main tenants of the suspension community is that they’re there to facilitate, not make money.  So any donation given covers the cost of the supplies, and anything in excess goes towards purchasing new equipment.

With that all said, here’s a shot taken by Jen on New Year’s Day at the last BME BBQ.  Suspending is IAM:Velo, who is the guy with the massive burning monk scar.

For more information regarding BMEFest, head on over to the sign up page and let us know you’re coming.  And if you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the event forum.

Countdown to BMEFest 2011

It’s almost upon us!  This Saturday marks the beginning of the return of BMEFest.  From Saturday afternoon until Monday evening, BMEHQ is going to be transformed into BMEPARTYHQ.  I got word last night that one of the slip’n'slides is 3 lanes wide, and that the bouncy castles and inflatable obstacle courses are getting prepped.  The pool is opened and ready for swimming and the campsite area has been cleared out.  For those not camping, there are hotels a short drive away near King’s Dominion in Virginia.

Of course, what’s a BMEFest without suspensions.  Thanks to Cere that’s going to be happening as well!

There’s so much more planned, so clear up your weekend plans and sign up now!  For those looking to car pool, the event forum has a few people offering rides (myself included), so get in touch with them.

Now if you can only make it down for one day, then make Sunday that day, as it’ll be the day that most of the events take place.

Sign up now!