Oh, my. Oh, Mimi.

Why would anyone ever get a portrait of the character Mimi Bobeck from the Drew Carey show? Dare I guess that perhaps it is simply because it makes them laugh and laughter truly is the best medicine.


I have obsessive compulsive disorder. I have to do everything in threes. That’s kinda how I got my reputation in school as a slut. –Mimi Bobeck

Tattoo by Tyler Nathan Turnbull of Rose and Anchor Tattoo in Katy, TX.


I know that it probably isn’t everyone’s favorite disco mutant, but with the colouring and circles it’s the first thing that came to mind.  This piece was done by Victor Policheri, based off artwork by Lani Imre, at the 2011 Oslo Tattoo Convention, and it won best tattoo of the day (Saturday).

“And then she showed me the back room where she took all of her clothes off. “

The first time is always so magical, like when Johnny Depp and Tim Burton teamed up for the first time with Edward Scissorhands. It was the film that took Johnny from being a teen heartthrob, to the quirky actor we know today.

Portrait by Mick Gray from Shades of Gray Tattoo in Hitchin, Hertfordshire.

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