The Penis Mightier

Well, I mean, if you can think of a better place to keep your pens, I’d love to hear it.

(That’d be Nuder Than Nude, playing with his new above-the-scrotum urethral reroute. There’s actually a really great discussion going on in the comments of the last urethral reroute post, with Nuder Than Nude at the center of it. Highly recommended reading.)

Piercing a Urethral Reroute

One of the most commonly asked questions when we post pictures of procedures in which nullification (or a slightly less dramatic modification) is involved is, “Well, how does he pee now?” The answer, as many of you probably know, is that a urethral reroute is performed, which, as our handy wiki explains:

Many, including those who are DIY types, pierce through the urethra, creating a small hole to pee through. Others of us who have avoided the DIY mode, preferring instead to have someone who knows their anatomy and what they are doing, cut and stitch. Even though it is a relatively simple procedure, the success level for those who have tried DIY—piercing a hole through and hoping it would work—is poor…but those of us who have gone through the surgical procedure, which can be done as an out-patient in about an hour, [have been very successful].


[This is done by] tenting out the skin behind the scrotum, where a new urethral opening is created.

This sort of procedure, of course, isn’t only performed to augment genital modifications; it also essentially transforms the penis into a strictly sexual tool. Pictured above is Albert‘s recent reroute, which, as you can see, he’s had pierced with some simple CBRs. (Albert hasn’t undergone any sort of nullification, and the reroute is placed between his scrotum and anus.) The reroute itself was done professionally, though he wasn’t happy with the size of the hole and stretched it himself, which is likely why the ring of scar tissue looks a bit gnarly and blown-out here. Albert, however, says he’s finally happy with the results, and, hey, for something this intensely personal, that’s the important thing here. Another close-up, after the jump.